This week, something very interesting occurred to me.

Here we are, on the eve of 1/11/11, we have now reached 7 billion human souls living on this planet. Approximately 700 Million of those souls are "Free Thinkers"- like you. 700 Million Free Thinkers worldwide, here to find their own path.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. 
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." 
~ Albert Einstein

I offer you 3 simple prerogatives to replace the thousand rules of society ...

Turn on. Turn on to what you are. As a "Free Thinker", you are one of the most inspired souls on the planet. You have so little neurological repression, your mind is wide open to strokes of genius. You won't "fit in" to societal norms, because you're not normal. You're a natural born pioneer. Own it.

Tune in. Tune in to transcendent love, to God, to the truth, to the immaculate organizing intelligence of life - to thinking freely. It doesn't matter what you call it. It just matters that you call it. Not just because you have the gift to perceive it as a "Free Thinkers", but because you MUST... (If you don't, you are likely to succumb to base impulses, addictions, afflictions, disorders, paranoia and depression - because your mind is so wide open and unrestricted - you run the risk of becoming an agent of chaos instead of a pioneer of positive change.) Allow the Spirit of Truth to direct your thoughts. You MUST tune in to receive the guidance necessary to accomplish the next step positively...

Drop out. Drop out of anything not in harmony with the Truth and Love. Rules, laws, cultural norms, habits, public and private institutions all have a way of pulling you along with them, imprisoning your true will. When you're tuned in, you readily see when your true will is being coerced and co-opted by psychological programs. All you need to be free is the courage to drop out.

Now... all of this can be a gradual cyclical process. After you've dropped out, you repeat the cycle. Once you've dropped out of something that compromises your truth, you'll see what you are more clearly so you can turn on more. You also turn on new things to replace the old things you drop out of. Once you're more turned on, you tune in better. Once you've tuned in better, you'll see the next deception you need to drop out of.
If this speaks to your heart, if you know this as truth, then it means that you are among the 700 million "Free Thinkers" that roam among the 7 billion here on earth.

If this doesn't speak to you, I can help you find your way into and onto the "Free Thinkers" path. Forge your own way.
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Warm regards,