Weekend depression, anxiety, and sadness may start creeping up on you without your knowing it. During the week you're busy with work, activity and your schedule. But when Friday or Saturday starts rolling around, you may notice feeling blue, sad, or stressed out. It's starnge-how can the approaching weekend send you into depression?

For some people, weekend depression occurs as they expereince the aloneness of not having a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. For other people, weekend depression can occur if they are in an unhappy partner or marriage relationship, and they are forced to spend time in an unhappy relationship. Fighting, arguing, feeling criticized, or just didtant and lonely can be common symptoms that lead to this kind of weekend depression. Or, if one has difficult family relations with parents or childrem increased contact on weekends can produce the feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, anger or depression.

A licensed psychotherapist can help you understand and work on your weekend depression. Please feel free to call me and talk over the weekend!