Tips to Beat Depression

1. Exercise   When you move, you stimulate serotonin in your brain. This neurotransmitter gives you pleasurable feelings. So, go for a walk, chase the cat, or get on a bike.


2. Eat a good meal  Lack of nutrients can actually make you feel depressed. Get enough protein for energy, and try fruit for a natural boost.


3. Talk to family or friends   There’s something about talking to someone else, connecting with another human, sharing your feelings. Reach out, pick up the phone, or make a lunch date!


4. Go for chocolate   If your diet allows it, indulge in the dark stuff every now and then. Chocolate contains a substance that mimics the way your brain feels when you fall in love.


5. Rest and sleep.  A bad night’s sleep makes you cranky and low-energy, dragging your mood down. Make your time before bed relaxing…bubble bath or a good book, maybe music, or just making love.


6. Do what you like.   Every day, treat yourself to one thing. Love movies? See a new one. Great gardener? Plant some roses. Love your dog? Take her for a really long romp.


7. Talk to a professional psychotherapist.  Get support and help from an experienced, licensed clinical psychotherapist. Only a professional can diagnose and treat you if you have real depression.




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