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What to Do When There is No One To Rescue You!

It's a natural response to want someone there to care for you when trauma happens in your life.  In an ideal world we are all loved and cared for and our needs are all met.  This is less than an ideal world, however, and in life we need to learn how to act when there is seemingly no one there to rescue us.  We do this by building in the inner strength necessary to move on with life and still be happy when we need to.  Here is how.

If you have ever seen the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks you already know the basic story line.  Tom Hanks plays a man driven to get ahead in life often neglecting the people that matter most to him in the process. Then, something happens.  His plane crashes in the middle of nowhere.  He survives, washed up on a small island, with various odds and ends from the cargo ship washed up with him.  At first, he responds as many of us tend to in a crisis.  After the initial shock we reach out for help.  If we are lucky, someone hears our cries and comes to the rescue.  If we are not so fortunate, like the Tom Hanks' character we go through a period of disorientation.  We realize no one is coming to save us, but we don't yet know how to save ourselves.  This leaves us confused and helpless for a time.

After being in this space for a day, a month, a year or more, we finally reach a point where we come to terms with the reality of our new life.  Like Tom Hanks character, we adapt.  Even though it is not the life we want, we make the best of things.  Some of our adaptations may look a bit strange (like when Tom Hanks makes a best friend out of a soccer ball that has a face created from Tom's bloody hand hitting it).  These adaptations may help us survive for a time.  In fact, many of us are living our lives this way.  Yes, we have made lemonade out of lemons, but what happens if in truth, lemonade is not what you want at all?  What then?  What now?

Eventually, the few and courageous wake up.  Like Tom Hanks' character you begin to say, "What am I doing living this kind of life?"  For Tom it meant finding a way off the island.  This meant creating a make shift craft that could take him out onto the ocean and head, who knows where?  Home, hopefully.  Figuring out how to build the raft is a challenge of skill and intelligence.  Risking everything to head out to the ocean is more an act of desperation and/or courage.  (Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference).  Surviving and making it home is nothing less than an act of absolute faith and trust in the realm of Spirit to take you where it will.  

So what does this have to do with your life?  Simple.  The Castaway movie reflects the stages of your own life when ever you are faced with a crisis.  What stage are you in now?  The phase of shock and disbelief that something major has happened?  The stage of running around looking for someone to rescue you?  The period of adapting to unpleasant circumstances by just trying to make do?  Or the moment when you finally decide, enough already, and really (I mean REALLY) decide to change your life.  No matter what it takes you want a way out.  You want to be at choice again to live the life you want.  This means setting up an intention to change, creating a plan for change, having the will to change, and moving forward with faith that your life will be better and different. 

And finally the good news. You see the truth is, even when you feel you are all alone and there is no one there to help you, there is plenty of help.  The help comes first and foremost through Spirit.  It can also come from friends and even strangers if you really know how to reach out.  A Life Coach such as myself can help you as well.  Yet no help will ever come to you until YOU decide you want your life to change and YOU are willing to make it different.  Then, all things do become possible.  Just believe again.  Then listen to that inner voice and let it guide you.  When you get to the other side of where you really want to be, I for one, will rejoice for you.    

To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love

About Dr. Lisa Love

Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, Attracting Real Love, and Thrive Not Survive!.  Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction coach. There's a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast!  Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way.  Discover what I can do for you.  Call now!   Plus, Email me about a variety of free gifts I can offer to you!

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Go Ahead and Sweat the Small Stuff
If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude. ~ Colin Powell

I've been an admirer of Richard Carlson's "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" books for a long time.  But, there is a difference between "sweating the small stuff" and paying attention to the small stuff so it doesn't become big stuff later on. Sure, "don't sweat the small stuff" if it helps you stay focused on the big picture in life and what really matters to you.  But, do "sweat the small stuff" in life by attending to it soon enough and in an efficient and effective manner.  That way you will build something of real excellence and value and prevent something major later on. (God bless him, but I recently found out Richard Carlson died at only age 45 of a sudden heart attack on a plane a few years ago!)

So take some time this week and consider the little things you might not be paying enough attention to.  Here's one I recently discovered -- eliminating Internet and other automatic subscription charges from my bank account.  Many of these services I had enrolled in months ago and some I had forgotten about.  They were costing me anywhere from $2 to $15 a month. By finally paying attention to and eliminating these small charges, I removed over $45 of monthly expenses.  And, by "sweating" these small charges I was building greater habits of excellence in managing my bank account.  So go ahead and at least one day this week "sweat your small stuff."  Take some time to clean up, refine, or improve some small area of your life.  The long term results will be worth it.

To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love

About Dr. Lisa Love

Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, Attracting Real Love, and Thrive Not Survive!.  Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction coach. There's a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast!  Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way.  Discover what I can do for you.  Call now!   Plus, Email me about a variety of free gifts I can offer to you!

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Benefits of Conscious Complaining
If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain. ~ Maya Angelou

Recently, I've been exposed to a couple of books that were anti-whining and anti-complaining. And, especially in tough times it is easy to be prone to complaining. But, did you know (with all due respect to Maya Angelou who I adore) complaining can be very useful? I call it "conscious complaining," which from a law of attraction perspective is an excellent tool that helps you clarify and discern what you "don't want" in your life, as a prelude for switching over to knowing what you "do want" from this point forward. For example. You don't want to be in debt. You don't want to have high interest credit cards. You don't want to lose your job or your home. You don't want to mess up a really great relationship. Good! You are complaining. And, by complaining in this way you are discovering what you don't want and will no longer tolerate.

Now that you are clear about what you don't want, let's switch gears and get insight into what you can do about your problems. Regarding your debt, can you whittle it down? Can you talk to a Consumer Credit Counselor to help you? Can you get financial advise regarding how to save your home? Can you live more simply and get rid of the attitude that dictates a lifestyle of consumption? Can you learn to be a more loving person and partner? What else can you do to change your life and attitude for the better? Remember, used in the right way complaining helps you get clarity. And, once you are clear you can turn your anxiety into action and make a change in either behavior, attitude, or both. So go ahead. Complain, get clear, get motivated, get changing, and complain no more!

To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love

About Dr. Lisa Love

Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, Attracting Real Love, and Thrive Not Survive!.  Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction coach. There's a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast!  Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way.  Discover what I can do for you.  Call now!   Plus, Email me about a variety of free gifts I can offer to you!

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Spirit and Sexuality
Today, sexual images are everywhere and we live in a culture saturated in sexual themes. Along these lines a great deal is being made about Tantra Yoga which includes sexuality as part of a spiritual practice. Yet, the ultimate sexual and spiritual practice has nothing to do with the latest sexual technique, position, breathing exercise, or fad. Instead, it has everything to do with the human heart and how we care for our partner in a conscious and loving manner. Let me clarify some more.

Tantra Yoga. To begin understand that ultimately Tantra Yoga helps individuals blend and balance male and female energies in the body in a loving way. This can be done with a partner, or even as a celibate practitioner since sex was not always part of the equation. In the West, Tantra has focused mainly on sexual positions, props, breathing exercises, getting a big bang orgasm, and proving you can be detached and non-possessive in your sexual drive by having multiple partners. The end result? Better skill at the mechanics of sex and more intense orgasmic highs, but often not much progress at cultivating greater love, compassion, and understanding between the sexes, which is what Tantra is really all about. 

Sex Without Spirit. Which means if you want to get clear about how to combine sexuality and spirituality you need to spot when they are not mixing real well or at all. The biggest confusion here is to equate desire and feeling desired with "spirituality." To feel desired as a physically attractive person, or to simply desire someone to have sex with in the moment, may feel good for a bit, but it quickly wears off. People settle for this because it is better than the next level, which is dissociating during sex by going into an altered state high, or fantasizing about someone else during the act, or ignoring or abusing others as their bodies become props to satisfy your own desire, hurt, anger, or other need. It is a sad comment that the overwhelming majority of sexual experiences fall in this category. The ultimate result? Sex becomes like junk food, it doesn't really nourish us at a deep level. Also, the body is increasingly wounded as spirit is disconnected from sexuality in this way. Eventually, people either turn off sex altogether because of this, or become sex addicts seeking the latest "sugar" fix since they are never really satisfied at a deeper level.

Spirit and Sex. The remedy to this disconnect? Simple, learn to love. This is because the most satisfying sexual experiences are the ones where you really feel valued and loved as an individual during the process. If you have ever experienced this, you know what I am talking about. This process requires depth, not breadth. It cannot be cultivated with breathing exercises, various sexual positions, or sex props like clothing, toys, or drugs. These may stimulate desire and have entertainment and variety value, but they do not bring spirit and sex together. Only love can do that. How do you bring love into the process? First, learn to love your body and soul. Respect, honor, and care for yourself. Second, practice gratitude and forgiveness. These bring back joy into your life. In short, heal your heart. Third, learn to love others. Respect, honor, and care for them. Leave judgment and criticism out the door. Especially during the sexual act, they have no place. Fourth, practice good communication skills. When communication is open, clear, and honest trust and rapport builds between partners. Fifth, relax. When you feel safe and nourished in the presence of your partner sex becomes a sacred, playful, and joyful experience. Orgasm is no longer about "achieving the big O," performance issues, avoidance, guilt, shame, or control. Rather, it is about letting go as you feel safe enough to give and receive real loving energy with your partner.

About Dr. Lisa Love

Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, Attracting Real Love, and Thrive Not Survive!.  Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction coach. There's a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast!  Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way.  Discover what I can do for you.  Call now! 

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The Secret to Happiness
Main Quote

Those who have easy, cheerful attitudes tend to be happier than those with less pleasant temperaments, regardless of money, making it, or success. ~ Dr. Joyce Brothers

Dr. Lisa Love Coaching Tip

Why are some people happy and others not? Is it because they have everything they want? Plain and simple. No. You see, people who are happy know the secret to happiness. They understand that research on what makes people happy in cultures all over the world reveal that the happiest people are those who have people they love and people who love them. They understand that truly happy people are busy making the most of their talents and gifts no matter what the outer condition of their lives. In short, happy and cheerful people are busy making a difference in their lives. Are you? And, if you are not how can you cultivate more loving relationships and bring more of an attitude of gratitude and service into your world, bringing forth that easy and cheerful attitude from you and to you?

About Dr. Lisa Love

Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, Attracting Real Love, and Thrive Not Survive!.  Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction coach. There's a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast!  Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way.  Discover what I can do for you.  Call now! 

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Getting It Done
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Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell them, "Certainly, I can!" Then get busy and find out how to do it. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Dr. Lisa Love Coaching Tip

At this point in time a number of people are facing unemployment, or worried about losing their jobs. When your basic security is threatened it is easy to lose confidence in yourself. Yet, changes like these are merely an opportunity to stretch and grow. Sure it may be scary, but it is time to trust in Spirit and trust in yourself. Get busy exploring new opportunities. Find ways to make yourself indispensable. Research what jobs might be most profitable right now that are suited to your talents or ones you could possibly cultivate. And, remember enthusiasm goes a long way in any job or job interview. Remember to move beyond your fear by focusing on what you can do to improve your life and opportunities. Then get busy doing it with a positive mindset that no matter what happens, you can still innovate new opportunities for you.

About Dr. Lisa Love

Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction. Well known Life, Relationship, and Law of Attraction Coach. Call me now for help in dating, relationships, success, and living the life you want.

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Surviving the Holidays - From Despair to Love

Surviving the Holidays – From Despair to Love.


By Dr. Lisa Love


It’s the holidays.  A time of joy and excitement for many.  Families come together.  Festivities abound.  Prosperous people share gifts to celebrate their abundance.  Laughter, light, and good times are had by all involved.


Yet, this is not true for everyone.  For many the holidays evoke a deep despair.  Memories leap forward of families that are broken and in disrepair.  Feelings of failure and shame surface over not having provided for those you love.  For some even the basics of food, clothing, and shelter are painfully out of reach.  Worst of all a toxic loneliness may fill every pore of your being creating a horrible sensation of lacking love.  It is as if the simplest gestures of human kindness, a hug, a smile, a bit of holiday cheer, don’t even exist for you.  All of this can make the holidays the very worst time of year. 


So, how does one survive?  Especially when you live with stark realities that make this not a very pleasant time at all?  You could ignore it.  Or, wish it away.  You might even try thinking positive.  And, of course there is also that wonderful technique of listing and expressing gratitude for what you do have in your life. 


But, even I know, with all my psychological skill and training, these techniques quite bluntly don’t always work.  They don’t put food in your mouth.  They don’t reunite you with a loved one you are separated from.  They don’t remedy the fact that you are lucky at best to have any present to give to someone you care deeply about.  And, try as you might they may still not ease the loneliness, grief, shame, and despair lurking about inside and all around you.


That is why I believe it is best to wipe away the popular conception of this holiday season and dive deeper into what the holidays are really all about.  For this is a season of darkness and light.  In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the time of the Winter Solstice, when days are shortest and nights last longer.  It is natural for all to seem dark and bleak.  In many ways it literally is.  Yet, during this time of night, where pain and loss are often factors, humanity has created festivals of light.  Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah.  All bring the light in one way or another.  By touching into the true spirit of these three festivals, light and love can be reborn in your life.    


Let’s begin with Christmas.  Rarely do we see the story that inspired Christmas on the television and in the movies anymore this time of year.  And, even if we do, we can feel oddly disconnected from it due to the heavy emphasis on Santa Clause and materialism.  Yet, Christmas is all about a story of those who had nothing.  Of those who if they chose could linger in justified despair.  Mary, pregnant with child.  Joseph her husband, concerned with the fact that he had no understanding of how he was to provide food, shelter, or even safety for his wife and child to be.  Two homeless, pauper, beggars wondering about in the night seeking a way to go. What in the world did they have to celebrate?  What would lift Joseph from his shame of not knowing how to provide for and protect well those he loved the most?  What would lift Mary from her fear of being forced to give birth in who knows what dark corner of this universe? 


Ironically, the child they birthed in a stable with animals as the main witnesses to the event, would not grow up to a life of great prosperity.  Eventually, that child would experience a brutal torture and death.  How in the world could such a story inspire so much and become the very foundation of this Christmas holiday season?  The answer is simple, but let me first reflect on two other holidays celebrated this time of year as well.


Hanukkah.  Eight candles on a Menorah symbolizing a very dark time for a people long aware of suffering and pain.  Despite a legacy of turmoil they remained devout to their faith.  Of special meaning was the Temple -- the place that allowed these people, the Jews, to come together to worship their God, read their holy books, and find peace and solace together.  Sadly, as is all too often the case in human history, oppressive and abusive tactics were used by those in power and of a different faith.  The Jews were massacred, Judaism was outlawed, and a statue of the Greek God Zeus was erected inside the Temple itself.  Only years later would the remaining Jews find a way to win back their temple.  The lighting of the Menorah is a memory of that victory, symbolizing as well the right to worship the Divine in a way that inspires one the most.   


And, Kwanzaa.  A modern holiday also involving symbols of light.  Rooted in the African-American civil rights movement, it honors the history of a people who (like the Jews and Christians) had experienced hundreds of years of oppression and brutality.  Only in very recent times has this oppression and brutality begun to be recognized and in very marginal ways been lifted. 


Though gift giving exists in all these three festivals, gifts do not reflect the real meaning, or Spirit, of this time of year.  So, what in the world is this holiday season really all about?  Unlike the modern day emphasis where gifts and good times are used to insulate people from the pain and suffering of many in the world, these holidays invite us down a different path.  They ask us to become more, not less, aware of the suffering all around us.  They ask us to remember that there are many who do not have families to turn to.  Physical or emotional separation has cut them off from what was meant to be a vital source of love.  Others struggle for food, clothing, and shelter.  Though they try to cope well with this, it is much harder to do so in the midst of a season that wants to emphasize only plenty and prosperity.  As I write this oppression and cruelty still exist all around the globe, and far too few of us are truly experiencing love, compassion, peace on Earth, or goodwill.


Yet, out of darkness comes light.  It is not simply the light of hope that we are seeking to ignite as we light Hanukkah and Kwanzaa candles, or reflect on events that happened on a starry, starry Christmas night so long ago.  It is the light of love that we are here to birth. 


So, here are gifts of love I encourage you give at this time of year.  I believe these gifts go far beyond “toys for tots” and canned goods and turkeys for hungry families. 


The Gift of Family.


If you are blessed with a close and loving family, decide to add one person into your family circle this time of year and share with them the love you feel.  As you include them give them the gift of healing that I describe below.


If you are estranged from your family, reach out!  You are not alone.  If you feel suicidal (suicides increase dramatically at this time of year) call a suicide hotline.  Here are two: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433), 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).  If you are depressed, get help.  Seek out a doctor if you need medication and can afford it.  If you cannot, reaching out to others is even more important.  If you are woman, find a way to talk out your feelings with someone.  Use the numbers above to share your crisis if you feel no one is there.  If you are a man, sharing your problems can evoke feelings of shame.  Attempt to go beyond this and focus on finding those who can give you an action plan to help turn your life around. 



The Gift of Healing.


If you are blessed with a good feeling this time of year, remember this is the holiday of goodwill.  Will yourself to share those good feelings by offering support to those who are filled with shame and fear at this time of year.  Men tend to feel shame more than fear, especially over not being able to provide for and protect their families, as they would have hoped to.  Women tend to experience fear more than shame, especially the fear that they will be abandoned and left alone in their struggle to cope. 


If you are struggling with dark and negative feelings, acknowledge them.  They are legitimate.  Don’t try to wish them away.  They are there to teach you.  If you feel shame, find someone safe to talk to who can give you insight and offer solutions to help you lift out of your current life situation.  If you feel fear, do anything to avoid being alone.  Go to a church, synagogue, or mosque.  Stop hiding and let other people see and acknowledge you.  Find those who will offer you compassion and share your struggle with them.  Let them support you, even if it just comes only in the way of a smile and a hug. 



The Gift of Prosperity.


If you are presently experiencing prosperous conditions at this time in your life, look at your habits of consumption.  Ask yourself, “Do I really need everything I acquire?”  Consider if you are using whatever you have in a positive way, or simply wasting what you spend money on because you don’t sufficiently use or appreciate it.  Next, open your heart. Try to be more conscious of the people who are out there experiencing financial lack.  Avoid simply feeling grateful for your own abundance.  Consider that as a recipient of that abundance you are here to serve others and help them acquire more of what they need as well.


If you are presently experiencing an adverse financial time, strategize and get support.  There are more options for help out there than you know of.  If need be tap into social service resources.  Consider debt consolidation.  Look for work in a field that will help you make more money.  Evaluate whether you think you are worthy of prosperity and get rid of any beliefs that may cause you to feel you are not.  If you are part of a lower economic group, become politically active.  Assert your basic rights to food, clothing, and shelter.  You deserve it.  


The Gift of Love.


And, here it is.  The greatest gift of all.  The gift this holiday season is really all about.  Love is best shown through compassion.  Compassion is the willingness to acknowledge and embrace the pain of others without triggering into your own emotional reactions of guilt, shame, and fear.  Compassion helps people heal.  Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all help us remember that ultimately we are here to heal the suffering of others.  That is the spiritual message of this holiday season.  More than any other time of year, this is the season for contribution, not consumption.  Contribute your love through a hug, a smile, a look, or a of simple kindness.  Best of all, show you care by opening your heart and feeling empathy for your own suffering, and the suffering of others.  Then you will know at the deepest level, what we are intended to realize at this most holy time of year.



Thank you for reading this article.  If you have found this inspiring, or know someone who would benefit from it, I invite you to pass it along. 


Dr. Lisa Love


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What is Spiritual Power?
Beyond the Secret bookDr. Lisa Love
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What is Spiritual Power?

In the simplest terms it is the ability to know we are Spirit and we are Love!  As we access that Love we attract more power to experience love, give love, and receive love in our lives.   

Spiritual Power is also energy. The more dynamic energy one possesses, the more potential power one can store and direct. When we tap into power we come alive. Spiritually, we stand connected with our Source veiled by the out-picturing of the Cosmos. Personally, we act confident, capable of achieving whatever we set out to do. Mentally, our minds are sharp, clear, precise, and insightful. Emotionally, we are calm, in control, and optimistic. Physically, we are filled with vitality and may even experience chemical changes aided by an adrenaline rush. In short, power feels good!

In our quest for life, each of us has the responsibility to learn to appropriately and rightly wield power. We begin to accomplish this first via the process of identification. Each of us in truth is a child of the Cosmos. The atoms and molecules in our bodies are made out of the same "star stuff" which creates galaxies and planets. When we can wake up each and every day assured of our Divine Heritage, we can face life like the Gods and Goddesses we are! Confidence is a word which means in essence "faith in oneself and one's powers, without implying conceit." Confident people trust in their abilities, because internally they know who they are! Regardless of our genetic makeup, family heritage, or environmental living circumstances, each of us can embrace a healthy and constructive identity by the simple act of embracing this inner Divinity. Just as we view people in power differently based upon their personal successes, we can learn to view ourselves differently based upon our inner attitude and point of identification.

Though potent in its proclamation, the simple statement of our Spiritual Heritage is not enough. Beyond belief, we must come to KNOW who we are. We can only know this in the fiery furnace of life experience, where acts of spiritual courage, integrity, and daring must be performed. One simple technique to help us make this transition, is that of "As If." We begin with our statement of identity and act from there. Example: As a Child of the Universe, as a son or daughter of the Divine, as a follower of my particular spiritual teacher, as a loving and worthwhile human being, how should I act in this situation? Steadily and carefully we wait for an intuitive answer. Once the answer comes, we act upon it. To do this requires for many a leap of faith. As we make our identification, as we act from it, we must do so AS IF it WERE TRUE! No haphazard, half-witted, half-hearted attempt will do. We must enter into this with all of our Being. We must use faith to help us leap into the Reality of the experience. Only our fervent desire will get us there. And when it does? That faith, transformed into Reality, will bring us to wherever we wish to go. Such is the beauty of empowerment.

So easily said! What then prevents us from having this be consistently true in our lives? The answer can be found partially in two distinct directions. First, whenever we make our identification with the Divine within us, we must do it with the proper understanding and intention. A drop of water may be one with the Ocean, but it is NOT the full embodiment of the ocean around it. In our behavior towards ourselves and others, humility needs to be ever present. Through recognition of Divinity in everything around us, we honor our interdependence with others and seek to act harmoniously and constructively with all who we meet. In knowing a larger cycle of time exists in which great actions are unfolded, we stand steady with patience and persistence in relation to our visions avoiding discouragement at all costs. In this way we work cooperatively with the forces around us, conserving our energy over time.

Second, whenever we seek to act from a point of empowerment, or Spiritual Identification, we need to recognize the need to build our "spiritual muscles." If we are to express the power within us appropriately, we need intelligence and skill. We start by welcoming challenges as opportunities to learn from life experiences. Next, in striving to master challenges each and every day, we authentically enhance our power to act. Finally, in following through upon our intentions and being true to our word, we enhance our sense of integrity and our personal reputations. Thus, a power base is built based upon the well earned trust of others. Life requests of us to use this power effectively by ennobling ourselves and others. In return, we ennoble life by living dynamically, powerfully, and compassionately. Empower one another now!

To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love


Read more tips on the Law of Attraction, Relationships, and Life at my Doctor Lisa Love Web Blog and my Beyond the Secret blog! 

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Miles Levin Dies at Age 18 - An Example of Spiritual Attraction!

In Beyond the Secret I challenge the assumption often put forward in Law of Attraction books that we only get disease due to our negative thoughts and feelings.  I share in my book how there are many reasons we may get a disease, how disease can even become an act of service to others.  I state that in my perfect world no one would ever suffer from an illness.  But, if my world can’t be as perfect as I would like, then I am so hugely grateful for people like Miles Levin who know how to make what I call “soul stories” out of whatever happens to them in life! 

Here is a quote from Miles… …your biological vitality means very little – having a beating heart and operational lungs does not define you. Your effect on the world around you does. Once you fulfill that service, your shift is done. You’re off work and it’s time to go home. (July 4, 2006)

Learn more about this incredible young man and how he impacted millions in a positive way through the graceful and spiritual way he handled his cancer.  What an example of “spiritual attraction” where someone is determined to attract spiritual values and be of service!  And what a reminder that attracting spiritual abundance over material abundance is what we are really here for.

Start learning about Miles story here… Miles Levin Blog

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Beyond the Secret Book Cover

I’m so excited about my new book cover, which was a collaborative effort with my publisher Hampton Roads.  On the cover of my boo the red seal on The Secret book cover has broken open and what has been revealed is not the secret of the law of attraction, but the “real” secret which is the secret of Spirit!  Here the red seal has turned into a red sunset, a significant image to me as it represents a peak mystical episode in my life. 

As those who read my book will discover, I have known about the law of attraction since the mid 1980’s!  That is over twenty years of attempting to understand this law and relate it to other laws discussed in my book such as the law of repulse, the law of service, and the law of sacrifice.  Yet, despite knowledge of the law of attraction in the mid 1990’s my life was not exactly in alignment with what I was trying to attract to myself. 

Spirit had a attracted to me a different kind of life, one that would increasingly lead me to a richer level of spiritual abundance.  Still, my ego (my small self) had a hard time accepting what Spirit was wanting me to do and got into quite a funk.  Attempting to cope, I did what I often was inclined to do, I took a long drive, this one along one of the more beautiful drives in the world – the Central California Coast. 

Arriving in the Big Sur region I pulled my car over to the side of the road and went into meditation to reflect on the state of my life.  As I meditated I allowed myself to be comforted by the mountains behind me, the ocean before me, and before too long the sun started to set splashing beautiful red hues around it.  Surrounded by that profound beauty it seemed as if an inner voice spoke to me inviting me to more closely examine my life.

Focusing in the present moment I was instructed to really notice the objects of beauty around me – mountains, ocean, sun, and emerging stars.  Though these would ultimatey not last forever, compared to other aspects of my life (people and a long list of stuff), they represented far more permanence than people or any material possessions ever would.  “What would it be like,” the voice inquired of me, “if you learned to rely less on stuff and people for your well being, and deepened your connection to these more lasting symbols of Spirit — mountains, ocean, the stars and sun?” 

The voice next encouraged me to close my eyes and pretend that everything and everyone I had ever wanted, or had ever attracted, into my life was suddenly gone.  “Consider,” the voice asked of me, ”If all outer forms are gone, what remains? Deepen your connection to Spirit.  See if you can let everything else fade away.” 

I then opened my eyes and appreciated even more the necessity of becoming unattached to impermanent things (like stuff), and more attached to relatively more permanent things (like Spirit and nature).  I repeated this open and closed eye stance several times wiping away all desire to attract, or become overly attached, to the people and stuff of this world, while at the same time becoming more attached, or attracted to, spiritual principles and values. 

In time, my breathing coordinated with the opening and closing of my eyes.  As I did this, a profound stillness and peace descended on me, bringing about a deep state of inner contentment.  What freedom in becoming desire-less!  What freedom in knowing that I am already Spirit and therefore already have everything I essentially need!  What a gift to feel truly happy and at peace, not because I attracted a soul mate, or acquired some stuff, but because I was remembering who I really am as Spirit — at-one with God!

Though at times I still sink into “forgetfulness” of my real identity as Spirit, it helps to remind myself of this real identity with visual triggers like sunsets, stars overhead, and space at night.   Likewise, when you see the red sunset on the cover of my new Beyond the Secret book, I hope you experience an invitation to desire to attract spiritual abundance in your life! It really is the means of attracting lasting joy and peace.

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Is a Fear of Relating Stopping You?

Is Your Fear of Relating Stopping You?

It's a strange, but increasingly common, phenomena happening with both married and single people.  It's called "commitment-phobia" and it can ruin even the best of relationships.  What causes it?  How can you prevent it?  How can even married people suffer from it?  These tips will help you sort it all out.

You've heard the stories, or perhaps been through the experience, or having a relationship end that had a great deal of potential or even satisfaction.  For some reason, you, or the person you were with, just couldn't keep the relationship going so it could continue to grow in a healthy way.  So, one or both of you ran away.  Maybe someone left the relationship completely.  Or maybe someone stayed but kept the distance through affairs, work, television, or a variety of other methods.  Whatever the reason, one of both of you demonstrated a lack of commitment towards making sure the investment of time and energy into your relationship paid off.  In the 90's a phrase was coined to describe this phenomena.  It was called "commitment-phobia" and ironically even people who have been married 50 years or more can suffer from it.  How can this be?

First, views towards commitment and relationships are changing.  Since the cultural revolution of the 1960's marriage was no longer seen as the main acceptable choice for adults.  Prior to the ‘60’e, those who were not married were shunned by society.  Having children out of wedlock, remaining single into the 30's and beyond, ending a marriage in divorce were all taboo and a sign that one had failed in life.  This made marriage the safest route towards personal contentment even if the marriage was far less than you may have hoped for.  Because of this people remained committed to the institution of marriage even if they were not totally satisfied with the person they were with.  Getting divorced or being single was a far worse alternative than marriage, so people stayed married.  But if they were unhappy they often learned to run from through distancing techniques like affairs, being work-a-holics, and other means of avoiding each other.   

Second, since the 60's many of these societal stigmas have been removed.  Men and women discovered other options to marriage like remaining single or going through a series of short-term serial relationships.  Increasingly people wanted to be in relationships for personal satisfaction.  If the relationship started to not feel good, people were more inclined to exit the relationship, instead of work to improve it.  Typically the end happened right when the infatuation, romance, and fantasy stages of the relationship wore off and the inevitable difficulties of any real relationship emerged.  Unwilling to do what was required to help the relationship last, no matter how many rewarding elements existed once the surface romance stage wore out, the lessons of real relating were never learned.  Thus "commitment-phobia" was born.  

Third, because of these recent societal changes a new definition of commitment is starting to emerge. It is no longer enough to be committed to the institution of marriage or to one's own personal happiness.  Instead, in her book The Truth About Love, Pat Love states that a commitment in our time means both individuals commit to the well-being and long term satisfaction of the relationship itself.  This requires that both parties value what a loving, conscious and connected relationship can bring them.  They are realistic knowing their relationship will have cycles when they feel more and less connected to each other.  When feeling less connected each member is committed to doing what it takes to deepen communication, trust, passion, and intimacy.  The relationship is a priority over all other priorities.  They still remain individuals seeking their own happiness, but that happiness is grounded in the well-being of the relationship as well.  Both must be adjusted to the other.  

Until this shift occurs commitment phobia is likely to remain because it is  based in a fear of the institution of marriage or in the loss of personal freedom and satisfaction in any relationship.  No relationship can survive and be satisfying under these conditions.  Only when both parties view committed relationships as a source of satisfaction because they help us improve our capacity to relate to another human being on a deep level will commitment-phobia end.  Then, each individual will invest in learning what it takes to have a lasting love between them.  May you find this in your own life as well.

To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love

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Beyond the Secret Book

Beyond the Secret BookThe true “secret” to the Law of Attraction
is knowing what Spirit
wants for you!


  • Learn the Ten Step Process that helps you attract what
    Spirit most wants for you to have in life.
  • Discover how to attract the spiritual “YOU” into “you” so
    your wishes and desires are anchored in spiritual principles.
  • Get access to dozens of practical techniques that help
    you manifest what you want in life in a spiritual way.
  • Discover your Spiritual Purpose for being here.
  • Start NOW to attract more of what Spirit really wants for you
    to have, so you can live a truly loving and fulfilling life!

     Beyond “The Secret” is a book by Dr. Lisa Love being published this fall by Hampton Roads Press.

    Look for it in stores SEPTEMBER 15, 2007!

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    Afraid to Love

    Afraid to Love

    Recently I've fallen for a man, but am afraid I will get wounded again as I have in the past.  How do I know this is really love?   

    Fargo, ND

    Dear Tammy,

    As you may know there a variety of loving styles ranging from the passion and desire lovers feel, to the tender protective nature a parent experiences with a child, to the supportive and accepting atmosphere that friends give to one another, to the gratitude and appreciation a child has for a mother and father.  And, last but not least, there is the mystical rapture and communion some of us feel in relation to spirit, God, or the divine. 

    So, there it is, the basic styles of love in our lives.  It sounds simple, but you, like I, know that often times it isn’t.  Because what we call love can also be filled with episodes of heartbreak, rejection, fear, distance, anger, and more.  How can this be?  The answer is simple, because these reactions are basically indicators of where we are at in the spectrum of love in our lives.  They tell us, whether what we need in any moment is to love or to be loved. 

    First of all, each of us needs, and in many respects deserves love in our lives.  It is what helps us thrive and grow as a child, what gives us a measure of comfort, stability, and joy, so that we move out into life trusting others, and trusting ourselves to make our way through the tangles and thorns that life can be full of in a successful, loving, and undamaged way.  When we don’t get this, and many people don’t, it creates areas of uncertainty, vulnerability, and contradictory behaviors that can cause us to retreat in the face of love, even if it is real.  So, when fear, distance, and anger come up, it is usually because we dip back in time to an experience where we needed love and felt we didn’t get it. 

    Now this is important, because as children we usually don’t have very good skills for coping with this.  But as adults we have other tools we can access.  The main tool is to recognize what’s happening, that we are retreating to a place in our lives and in ourselves where we need love.  And the best thing there is to stay aware of this process, and to find a way to sit with ourselves, to be with our thoughts and feelings in a safe, open, accepting, and loving place and space.  This is what I encourage you to do at this time.  After you fill your own cup with love, you will be in a better place to evaluate this situation.



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