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Here is your chance to use HYPNOSIS to better yourself.

The human mind is a truly amazing thing. While it can enable you to do great things, it can also PREVENT you from reaching your fullest potential. Imprinted in your mind (some say before your birth) is your destiny. Parents, teachers, clergy and peers often place roadblocks that prevent you from attaining your true potential. BEARTRANCER has over 30 years experience helping people find their innerselves and the gifts and talents they were born with, but have since been blocked. It is time to unlock those inner feelings NOW!

I am a hypnotist. I use my abilities in hypnosis to help unlock a mind that isn�t at its full capacity. It could be to remove the roadblocks that limit one's performance. By opening the mind, the body is better able to perform.

The subject is gently "induced" (lead into a trance-like state, where the mind is more receptive of new ideas). After the subject is relaxed and responsive, new ideas are implanted in the subconscious and tested. Further "suggestions" may be implanted at this most opportune time, before the subject is brought back to full awareness.

While some desire only one session, results are often multiplied with follow-up sessions. Others will just add sessions to either add new topics or just for the pure relaxation and/or fun of the session.

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