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"Remote Long-Distance Healing" Healing Altar Prayers/ Caring & Compassionate Support "Personal, Planetary and Professional Altars" "Reiki Orgonomic Healings"

"Remote Long-Distance Healing"
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Healing Altar Prayers/ Caring & Compassionate Support

"Personal, Planetary and Professional Altars"

I asked the questions: Who Am I? Where is God?
I felt God in my heart at an early age of 8-11

I am gifted with Inner Direction and Movement


Profession: Wholistic Integrative Registered Nurse
Naturopath, Reiki Master
Universal White Time Healing

Primary: Self-Care and Prevention
I am able to provide
"Reiki Orgonomic Healings"
Designed for Humanity

And OR Both

"Personal, Planetary and Professional Altars"

I will set up a "Heart Healing Altar"
space inside the Pyramid Chamber (see picture)
from the Energetic Mountain
at Mt. Shasta, California

My Presence is God in my Heart
anchored by my Higher-Self Monad

Flexibility with Universal Presence & Essence

Healing Altar: 21-30 days or 3-9 months.

"Healing Prayers are good for all Living Forms"

Parents need to get involved with Children's concerns.

Parental permission is required for family altars.

You are Here and Now to receive this healing, this healing is harmonizing and balancing.

Prayer altars by request.

You can also set up your own personal alter at home and we can energetically send a photo picture of your alter to the Heart-Ascension Chamber.

I will guide you

Reminder your True Intention and the Language of your Heart will speak your truth, therefore be prepared to experience personal growth.

Drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy nutrients with balanced meals, exercise and rest well.
Confidentiality, Respect, and Privacy

Getting involved to be evolved!

Your Soul is "Light Emanating" from your Eyes!

Your Heart speaks "The Language of Love & Light" you Feel!

Your Mind "Contemplates the Wisdom" you Heard!

Your Lungs breathe the "Breath of Life" you Live!

Your Aura generates "Orgons of Energy" your Touched!

Phone & Emails

Phone Fees: Phone charges $1.88 per minute with 3 minutes free

International rates per your plan.

Emergency/Emails Calls: Any days Midnight until 3am

Remote Long-Distance Healing Fees

Healing Fees: Lasts 21-days $88.00 one person $125.00 two persons

Healing Prayer Altars Fees

Altar Fees: 21-30 days $10.00 one-prayer altars 3-9 months $15.00 - $25.00

Altar Family Fees: 21-30 days $10.00 two-five altars 3-9 months $15.00 - 25.00

Regular E-MAILS: Preferred, answered within 3-48 hours

Nursing Education: Wholistic Healing Modalities.
Contact Hours available by email

Namaste! I honor the Light Within you
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On-demand Conversations
$1.75 per minute for "Call Now", "Chat Now", and "Call Back" conversations
Session Appointments
Initial Free Session 30 mins FREE
Repeat one hour video session 60 mins $200.00
Repeat one hour phone session 60 mins $200.00
Note to international members: If you are not signed in, the rate you see does not yet include international long distance charges. See international rates.
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