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Answers to your legal questions. Registered Patent Attorney and knowledgeable in general areas of law, including immigration, family law, contracts, domain names, landlord/tenant, and other areas of law.

I enjoy discussing legal problems. I am a member of the California State Bar (Cal. Bar # 212.778) and a Registered Patent Attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Registration # 48,813). I also have a bachelor degree in chemical engineering.
I look forward to answering your questions regarding:
  • Patents -- U.S. and International
  • Trademarks -- U.S. and International
  • Immigration
  • Contracts
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Family Law
  • General Areas of Law

    I offer responses by Keen Mail:
    -$35 for specific, brief questions
    -$70 for answers that require research or lengthy responses (more than 1 page).
    I will answer your specific, brief questions in no more than 24 hours.

    Or give me a call, I'll quickly get to the root of your problem and let you know how you stand.

    I am authorized to represent you before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, nationwide. If I receive a call regarding legal matters, not pertaining to patents or trademarks, outside of California, I can only provide general information on such matters, and not legal advice.
    Abogado - Yo Hablo Espanol.
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6/22/2016 eeeeeee11 5 stars Thanks 
6/22/2016 rayvon6561669 5 stars good call 
6/13/2016 eeeeeee11 5 stars That was a great help! Thank you! 
5/22/2016 dalphina 5 stars GoodLawyer guided me through discovery process, which turns out to be the decisive factor in winning my case!!! Thanks so much. It's all over now. What a relief. 
3/26/2016 dalphina 5 stars stellar!! 
3/22/2016 Hypnosis Gal 5 stars Honest and has integrity. 
3/20/2016 dalphina 5 stars excellent call. best advice! 
12/30/2015 Krystan 5 stars Simply one of the best lawyers around and makes himself available online so anyone can get excellent advice. His arguments win cases. He know the issues and knows how to win. Just a life saver. Many, many thanks!! 
12/8/2015 hector80 5 stars Very helpful and frank in what he can help with and can not help with. He will be a good future resource. 
10/28/2015 z7383 5 stars  

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