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Advisor Basics
 Call Button
 Call Buttons
Your call button is your beacon to a world of online customers. With one click, anyone who sees your call button can go to your listing, move directly into a call with you, or get in touch with you to arrange a future call.

Plus, you'll receive $25 for each new customer who joins Ingenio through your Call Button and goes on to make a purchase! Your new customer will receive 3 minutes free when they join through your Call Button too. Learn more about Referring New Customers.

You can place your call button onto your business website, your personal home page, and every email you send.

What’s more, your call button will tell everyone who sees it your current availability – whether you’re ready to take calls right now; not taking calls but receiving alerts when someone wants to talk to you; or unavailable, in which case they can arrange a future call.

Here’s how to place your call button into your email signature and other Web pages.


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