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Advisor Basics
 Join a Group
 Join a Group
A marketing group lets you get new customers from the marketing efforts of the group manager. The group manager decides what they’re willing to pay advisors for each call you take through the manager’s group, and when you’re invited to join a group, you can decide whether you’re willing to accept that fee. Note: these terms apply only to customers who are brought to you from that group.

For example, on your usual listing, you keep 70% of earnings after platform fees. Then you join a group that offers you 50% of earnings for those customers whom the group brings, which you’ll pay them for the next four months. If you choose to join this group, you’ll earn 50% on calls from customers that the group brought you. But you will continue to earn 70% on calls from customers who came to you from outside the group.

Ingenio has an acquisition marketing group that offers 50 cents per minute for customers that it brings. Ingenio promotes this group at third-party websites and attracts new customers with generous offers such as “10 minutes for $1.99.” Ingenio subsidizes the cost of these offers, but uses the group’s economics to keep these costs reasonable while bringing new customers to the community.

Interested? Learn more about joining an acquisition group.

Note: Amounts used in examples are not guaranteed amounts and are subject to change.


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