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Advisor Basics
 Send Offer
 Send Offers
Marketers in every business offer discounts and special offers to attract new customers and keep them coming back - and running your business on Ingenio is no exception!

Use Offers to acquire new customers and retain your existing customers. Ingenio will even pay you $50 for each new customer who joins Ingenio through offers that you send if that customer goes on to make a purchase! Learn more about Referring New Customers.

Offers are personalized emails from you that have special offers attached. If you're available to take calls, Offers lead the customer directly into a call with you! Our most successful Advisor send a follow-up note with 1 free-minute offer to customers right after every call, and periodically (once a month, for instance) send Offer mails to their My Customer lists (you can do this by using My Customers). And if you're available to take calls at the moment your customer opens their Offer mail, it will lead them right into a call with you.

Here’s how to send offer mails to your own prospects and customers.


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