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Once you've placed your bid, monitoring and managing your Featured Listings activity is easy. There are several places on the My Account page where you can manage your Featured Listings. First, you'll notice in the My Listings section that there is a Featured Listings column which offers the following information:
  • The “Bid” link lets you place a new bid for that listing or
  • The “Edit” link lets you change a bid you've already placed.
  • The position of your featured listing in its category -- or, if you're not available, what your position would be if you made yourself available now.

Second, from the Marketing Center, you have quick and easy access to everything you need to get the most out of Featured Listings:
  • Featured Listings Basics - links you to the Featured Listings Tutorial where you have access to all the knowledge for managing and understanding this program.
  • Feature My Listings - links you straight to the Choose a Listing page, where you can view historical results for each of your featured listings and easily place a bid or change or cancel an existing bid.
  • Featured Listings Results - takes you straight to your "My Results" reporting, where you can check every aspect of your featured listing’s performance.

Learn more about how to Manage Your Featured Listings by clicking here.

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