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  Business Cards  

No good salesperson is caught without business cards! An effective, professional way of giving your Ingenio address and extension is to hand out cards anywhere you go -- at weekend events, fairs and trade shows.

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Ordering your personalized business cards online only takes a couple of minutes! Click here to order.

500 Business Cards = $29 plus shipping
(printed and shipped in 10 business days or less)

Or if you need them faster:
500 Business Cards = $39 plus shipping
(printed and shipped next business day)

The business cards will be delivered to the shipping address you enter.

Other Ways to Distribute Your Ingenio Contact Info
If you choose not to order business cards, you may also design your own and go to your local print shop or Kinko's and ask them about costs and how to proceed. Otherwise, if you'd still like to pass out your Ingenio home page address and personal extension, try creating your own flyer using a desktop publishing program such as Microsoft® Word.


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