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Advisor PR Toolkit -- Sample Press Release

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For Immediate Release

(INSERT YOUR NAME) Joins Keen As an Advisor

(INSERT YOUR FULL NAME), a resident of (INSERT YOUR HOMETOWN), has joined Keen, Your Personal Advisor, as an advisor offering advice and consultation over the phone on (INSERT YOUR TOPIC). (YOUR SURNAME) has been a specialist in the area(s) of (INSERT TOPIC) and (IF MULTIPLE TOPICS) since (OPTIONAL). As an advisor, (YOUR SURNAME) will advise customers in his/her area(s) of specialty through and 1-800-ASK-KEEN. (YOUR SURNAME) is one of ten million people to join Keen to date, including thousands of advisors who have created 140,000 listings in over 300 categories, earning money by helping Keen members get the advice they need.

For most of us, every day is filled with small moments when we need advice or information: "How can I prepare my taxes?" "How do I upgrade the memory on my computer?" "Is this relationship right for me?" Until now, getting the advice we needed was often a time-consuming challenge - when we could get it at all. But now there's Keen, offering live, immediate advice for everyday life by connecting customers and advisors. The Internet is a valuable research tool, but there's nothing more satisfying than getting information live from another person in a private one-on-one conversation.

That's where Keen comes in. (YOUR SURNAME), for example, is prepared to give advice on subjects ranging from (INSERT QUESTION) to (INSERT QUESTION). (INSERT A PERSONAL QUOTE IF DESIRED. E.g. "For years, friends and neighbors have told me that there probably isn't a computer made that I can't fix. It seems like I run circles around the IT guy at work so everyone comes to me with their problems and I've been helping them. Now with, I'm making money doing what I love - helping people fix their computers - and building a nice nest egg for retirement!" said advisor INSERT NAME.)

How Keen Works
Launched in November 1999, Keen has helped 10 million members get advice easily through a website,, or by telephone, 1-800-ASK-KEEN. Once connected to Keen, members select the advisor who's right for them by browsing a directory of listings -- from dieting and relationship advice to computing and Internet help or counseling on life's everyday problems. Listings include the type of advice the advisor wishes to provide, his or her per-minute fee, and how Keen members have rated their calls with this advisor in the past.

Once they've chosen an advisor, members can simply click the advisor's "Call Now" icon and Keen will automatically connect the two parties for a live, anonymous phone call. People accessing Keen through 1-800-ASK-KEEN simply follow spoken prompts to choose an appropriate advisor. Advisors can also provide recorded or email advice to members; these other options also protect both the advisor's and the customer's anonymity. Keen offers a full money-back guarantee if callers aren't completely satisfied with their experience.

Keen Lets Consumers Build Businesses Online
Keen makes it easy to build your business as an advisor by creating a listing or listings that describe the knowledge you wish to share and giving advice to customers for a per-minute fee on topics ranging from personal advice to computers to taxes. Some of Keen's top advisors are now making over $2,000 per week! There are three ways to make money on Keen:

Live Advice - You can list yourself in as many areas as you like and set a per-minute fee for giving advice over the telephone. You keep 70% of the revenue from every call you take.

Recorded Advice - You can record a message for regularly updated information such as ski conditions or horoscopes, as well as "evergreen" information such as health, fitness or tax advice.

Paid Keen Mail - You can set a fee for written advice such as reports, financials or detailed instructions.

Keen is Private and "Customer Approved"
Keen maintains privacy and quality in two unique ways. Because Keen initiates the call to both parties, the privacy of both customers and advisors is completely protected, since no one's name, phone number, email address or any other personal information are ever revealed - not even on Caller I.D. devices. Keen employs a consumer-based rating system which lets customers rate advisors on the quality of the advice and information they provide. Advisors can also have their credentials verified by a third party, in order to assure members that their academic degrees, professional licenses or employment history are valid.


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