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Advisor Basics
 Manage Availability
 Manage Your Availability
One of the most important aspects of being an advisor is managing your availability to receive calls. Our Availability Manager acts like your virtual secretary, making sure you only get calls when you want them, and that when you’re busy or unavailable, customers can arrange to talk to you later.

You can access the Availability Manager any time at, or by dialing 1-888-464-3646 to manage your availability when you're away from your computer.

The Availability Manager lets you set four different statuses. Depending on which status you set, the call button on your listing will display a different message to communicate the proper action to your customers:

Taking Calls When you're by your phone ready to take calls. a
Alert Me Of Calls When you don't mind calls to see if you're there. a 
Arrange Calls When you don't want any calls. a  
Offline When you're away on vacation.   

When customers can’t talk to you right away, they can arrange a call, either by getting in line for a call back and telling Ingenio how long they’re willing to wait, or by writing to you to suggest a time for an appointment.

If you’re not sure which status to set, we recommend you place yourself in “Alert Me Of Calls.” Customers will be able to try and call you, but with no expectation that you’re by your phone. When you know you’re by your phone, try setting yourself to “Taking Calls.” Your listing will then appear more prominently in the Ingenio website, since only listings in this active state are featured in the marketplace. But be careful: if you miss a call in this active state, your feedback rating will be penalized -2 points, because customers are expecting you to be by your phone. So remember to change your availability back to the less active “Alert Me Of Calls” status when you’re no longer by your phone.


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