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Advisor Basics
 Calculate Your Earnings
 Calculate Your Earnings

To calculate your earnings from each call, start with your per-minute price. Then subtract the platform fee. You keep 57% of the amount remaining, and we keep 43%.

For example, if your per-minute fee is $2.00 and you receive a call that lasts 10 minutes, we'll collect $20 from the customer who called you. If the platform fee was 40 cents per minute for 10 minutes, or $4.00, you'll receive 57% of the remaining $16.00, or $9.12 for that call.

Note: We keep 43% of the fees you collect for Recorded Listings, and 43% of any fees you receive for Mail.

These basic economic principles will hold unless you choose to join a marketing group that makes you a different offer. Even if that’s the case, the economics will change only for Recorded Listings the group brings you.

If you would like to view your earnings for each call or chat please visit the Call (or Chat) Details page, which displays your earnings, free minutes used by the customer, and feedback/ratings for every conversation on Ingenio.

Note: Amounts used in examples are not guaranteed amounts and are subject to change.


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