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Advisor Basics
 Take Calls
 Take Calls
The advisors who make the most money on Ingenio all say the same thing: the key to success is repeat customers. And the key to establishing a core group of people who call you again and again is offering great service.

The way you handle yourself during calls can be crucial. Always be polite, friendly and informative. Try to give your customers the advice they need as quickly as possible, so they feel they’re getting good value for their money.

Here are the basics of a phone call on Ingenio:

  • Your phone will ring. When you pick up, we'll ask you to press "1" to accept the call.

  • After you accept, we'll automatically connect you and your customer for a live conversation. We'll ask both of you to "Please introduce yourselves." Be sure to greet your customer with a friendly "Hello!"

  • You'll earn money according to your per-minute fee until one of you hangs up, or until your customer needs to recharge their account.

  • One minute before your customer needs to recharge their account, you'll both hear the recharge alert of “one minute remaining.” When this time comes, you will hear hold music and your customer will be prompted to add money to their account in order to continue the call. Please be patient during this time, as your customer will be able to spend more money with you when they are reconnected to you.

  • At the end of the call, thank your customer and politely ask him or her to leave you written feedback at the website.

  • You can end the call either by hanging up or pressing the # button on your telephone keypad. Doing so will let you hear your call details and change your Availability.


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