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Pixel Fairy Graphic Design and Web Development

We genuinely love creative design and have a unique ability to perceive and embrace your style and marketing goals in order to create concepts that transmit your essence to your viewers, submersing them into the projected visual experience of your website.

Understanding who you are, and the message you want to convey helps us formulate the perfect plan for a unique, impressive, design that will reflect your desired image. Every bit of our work is unique, and geared towards the personal preference of each of our clients. Your work will be original, yours.

The next step is taking your image, and adding in your marketing goals, to create a whole graphically targeted web project geared toward the appropriate audience and market you are trying to reach. We derive immense satisfaction and pride from creating a design that expresses your vision, and moves your viewers to want to experience that vision personally; locally, or world wide.

From concept, throughout creation, to final design Pixel Fairy works closely with you to make your vision into tangible, visible results; delivering elegance, creativity and dynamic visual representation for your business or personal website. In an online market that is controlled by what meets the eye Pixel Fairy will make you look your best. We offer a complete line of graphic design and web programming services tailored to fit your needs. We'll put the web to work for you. Email us for information!

  • Graphic Design

  • Stock Graphics and Photography

  • Logo and Brand Design

  • Web pages

  • Animation (flash too!)

  • Video Editing

  • Search engine optimization

  • Web Development

  • Photo Editing Services

  • Web Scripting

  • PHP, java, XML, CSS, Database management, and more

  • Web Hosting and complete site management

  • Affordable profile creation for dynamic listings that will bring you calls

  • Graphic button sets - call buttons, tribute buttons, pay to view and more!

  • Want a Blog? Let us design a template for you that will look amazing and get you calls!

  • Need a banner? No problem! We'll design the perfect web banner for you.

  • Got photo content? We can help you edit your photos. Get rid of dark circles under eyes, or that pimple you don't want anyone to see. We will make your photos look perfect.

  • Website Design - From basic profiles to complete websites, we can help you create pages that will bring you business and make you stand out online. We offer a wide variety of website options from basic to e-commerce and pay sites. Your dream is our command.

  • Web Host Solutions - Need a web host? We've got space just waiting for you.

We are goal oriented artists and programmers who will help you bring your vision to life without breaking your budget. We make your project perfect! Feel free to send us an email, or look for us on Yahoo as Pixel_Fairy_Design. No job is too large or too small. If you can imagine it, we can create it for you.

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