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419 Scams----Shadow Shopper Jan-22-2010

This 419 scam has been around for a while and has reared it's ugly head again. With so many people having a difficult time making ends meet receiving this letter in the mail seems like an answer to your cash flow problems. I reported this 419 scam to the FBI a few years ago, the older generation can get sucked into this scam thinking they can make some quick money for paying bills and being retired  have time on their hands to handle this rather simple task. The scam works like this, you will receive an offical looking letter in the mail from a large well known corporation. The letter will be addressed to you, your name will appear on the letter. The letter will be written on bond paper with an official looking check made out to you for a large sum of money. The new twist in this scam is now they have a number for you to call, a so called HR person will talk to you,  this is to convince you that you are being hired. The hook here is that the company wants you to cash the check as soon as possible and complete the required task. Their window of opportunity is short. 

The check made out to you could range from $2000.00 to $5000.00  The company wants to hire you for a weekends worth of work. They want you to deposit their check into your bank account. Keep a percentage  of the check for your time, this could range from eight hundred to fifteen hundred dollars, withdraw the rest in cash. Your task is to go to a Walmart and wire the remaining funds back to the company that hired you. You go back home and write a report on the Walmart or what ever company they asked you to go to that handles money wire transfers. The company wants to know how polite or efficient the company was in handling your request. You send your report to some PO box in the USA or Canada, some of these scamers even have a fax number for you to fax the report to.  Your job is finished and you are out a large some of money when their check gets returned to your bank for insufficient funds. These scamers are playing the float that can range from one to three days for a check to clear. That is why many of these letters are received on a Thursday or Friday which gives them two additional weekends days before your bank receives their bogas check back.  The letter and the check are very official looking with water marks on the check and on the bond paper letter addressed to you.  The letter will have logos of large well known corporations on the letter, if you look very closely the colors of the corporate logos will be off color. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to talk with you,

                                      Anthony Iantosca, BCFE   

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