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Chasing Emotional Vampires
Special interest Article;
Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE

Chasing Emotional Vampires.
Part One (1)
 In the next four articles I will explain why (you) continue to chase and get involved with emotional vampires.   I am not a medical professional. I am a Profiler. I will explain the behavior patterns of these personality types, based on my knowledge, education, training and experience as a threat assessment profiler. I am explaining the behavior patterns that are "consistent with not diagnosed as."
These article's are based on my years of studying and working with their partners (you) and abuse you have been subjected too.   I hope these articles will give you more insight into the minds and behavior patterns of the insecure/fear based personality type and why you are attracted to them time and time again.
Why do smart intelligent adults chase the wrong personality types? Why are you attracted to the same personalities types who hurt and take advantage of your loving nature time and time again? Is it because you have a mental disorder? No, it is the behavior patterns that your early childhood care givers exhibited that you are making the emotional connection with. It did not matter who it was per say, your mother, father, grandmother, etc. It was their intermittent or abusive behavior patterns in your early childhood years that you were ill equ
ipped to deal with or understand that set the blueprint for your behavior patterns today in adult life. It is what is called a (repetition complex). Many times my clients ask me why do I always fall for the same type of male or female who treats me badly. The reason is that you are responding to the same behavior patterns you remember as a child. It is not the adult in you that is responding or attracted to these emotional vampires, it is the child in you that is responding. Remember the sub conscious mind has no conception of time, it does not reason, it does not rationalize.

As a child you did not have the emotional experience/knowledge to understand why you were being abused or mistreated. All you could understand at that young age is that their must be something wrong with me, I am bad, I am unlovable. Why are you "abandoning me" both emotionally and physically. Why are you beating me? Hurting me? Abusing me? It must be because I am bad and worthless. So what does the child do at that young age to get the love and security that the child so desperately wants and needs? The only thing the child can do, chase and continue to try and prove to their caregivers that I am good, I am lovable, I am sorry, I will not do this again, please love me! The real problem is the poor child never knew what the hell they did in the first place to be at the receiving end of all this mistreatment. The child did not have the emotional intelligence/experience or understanding to realize that it was their primary caregivers that were the problem.

So the tape was made (your emotional behavior pattern/attachment style). The blueprint was set. You meet someone in your adult life, their intermittent and abusive behavior patterns is what attracts you. Not you the rational adult, you the child. So what does the adult/child do? The only thing they can do, the only thing they have ever known. The exact same things you did as a child, chase, chase, try to prove that you are a lovable person so you are not abandoned again. In your mind, if I can have this new person (who represents the same behavior patterns as your primary care givers) loves and accepts me, all past sins will be forgiven.  (Repetition complex) is developed. This is never the case, you can learn from history but you cannot rewrite history. It is time to erase the old tape, (your emotional blueprint) it does not work anymore.

Think about this my friends, if you were not abused as a child and had a somewhat normal life where you were loved and accepted for the wonderful child you were and are. Had the coping skills, where your self esteem was not shattered and beaten down. Where you learned to love, trust and be loved and trusted. Would you as an adult be with people who would abuse and mistreat you, emotionally, physically or sexually. I think not. To change old behavior patterns (the tape) is not easy but it is not impossible. You have the power within you to make the change and erase the old tape. 
Emotional vampires do not love and respect themselves. They are highly insecure personality types. They cannot validate themselves, they need validation from outside sources. Their arrogant, intermittent emotional behavior towards you is a smoke screen to cover up their insecurity and fear. They need you, more than you need them. This is their secret,  something they never want you uncover. They know once you do, they are finished. They have been exposed. Remember the "WIZARD of OZ" once Dorothy went behind the curtain the Wizard was exposed. He was finished.  
 Tomorrow part two (2) Trauma Bonding

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