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Deception Detection A change in language

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Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE

Deception Detection
Statement Analysis
A change in language
There are many deceptive markers that I look for when analyzing a statement both oral or written to determine if the statement and the words the person is using is truthful or is he/she being deceptive. One deceptive marker is called a "change in language" or their "internal dictionary."
When a person is reliving a true memory of an event their internal dictionary will remain consistent. If the person is talking about their "car" they will continue to call it my car. If the person starts calling it "my car" to the "auto" to the "vehicle" when referring to an incident he/she was involved in this would be an indication of deception unless there is a justification for that change in language. This would indicate the story is being constructed from "logic" and not a true "auto biographical memory" of the event. Remember all truth comes from memory.  
A while back I received a statement from a close friend of mine that was being circulated within the Asian community. I have worked within the Asian community for many years and still do. The community was in an uproar and many people were very concerned for their safety  and that of their family and friends. I analyzed the statement for content and told my friend that the story was made up and not to worry.
This person was looking for her fifteen minutes of fame and wanted a little attention for herself.
This is not her full statement only the part that deals with a "change in language."
The woman's statement started "with when I got off the train at my stop I realized that "two men" in black hooded sweatshirts were following me, she went on to say that before she knew it these "two guys" were on top of her, she stated that these "perpetrators" took all her money, then these "low life's" asked her for her T-pass and phone, she was stabbed "three" times in the leg, the stab wounds were not that bad but they rushed her to Mass General Hospital in Boston. There is a Hospital in her own community yet they transported her all the way back to Boston. She stated she was stabbed with a "three inch" paring knife. She stated that after stabbing her the "perps" ran back to the T-station.  She called Police they came down and took her statement. The Police searched the area for the knife but never found it. "Three" days later she went back to the area and found the "three inch" paring knife. She ended her statement with I am telling everyone so that these "scum bags" will realize that you don't mess with Asians."   
Her statement starts of with "two men" she changes to "two guys" she changes again and calls them "perpetrators," "low life's,"  "perps," "scum bags," there is no justifiable reason for the "change in language" if she started out calling them "men" she should have continued calling them "men" or changed to "they" or "the men." Which would have been a justifiable change. There were other deceptive markers within her statement. Such as using a word the indicates closeness. The words "this and these" indicate closeness. The words "that and those" indicate
distance. Why use a word that would indicate closeness to her attackers. Last but not least, she stated that the two men wore black hooded sweatshirts, she never mentioned their color, height, weight, or any other identifying features that would help law enforcement identify and capture her alleged attackers.          
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