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Detecting Deception
Special interest Article;
Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE
Detecting Deception
When I think I have heard it all. Yesterday I was talking to an Attorney on a document case. We starting talking about deception and how he has learned to how to look at a person's face and know if the person is being truthful or not. I asked how so,  he said that a while back he went to a seminar with a group of Attorneys given by a deception detection expert. I mentioned the names of a few of the well known experts I know and he said no it was none of those people, he said it was so and so.
 Ok, so I asked what did you learn?  He said to me that the expert handed out these flash cards with different people's faces on them. He told me that people that have long ears are liars. I said excuse me. He said yes that men or women who have very long ears are liars. I said you people paid your good money for this nonsense. Please tell me where there is any research to back up these claims. I have never heard such nonsense in the eighteen years I have been in this business.
I said counselor, please go to my web site and get educated. He called me back an hour later and said, Christ Tony! The expert never told us any of this information. He was angry as hell. He said this guy is making a fortune on these seminars of his. I paid a lot of money for this seminar to learn nothing but nonsense! I said, well next time you will know better right,  just look at the persons ears. 
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