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Flaky People Part Two (2)

Special interest Article;
Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE

Flaky People
Part Two (2)

What are Flaky People? They are very insecure personalities. They are extremely jealous and envious. They are very catty and insecure about themselves. So destroying you is considered sport. They over compensate for their insecurities in many diverse ways. Many of these personality types have behavior patterns very similar to Narcissistic and Borderline (emotionally unstable) behavior patterns and a combination of both called a co-morbid crossover. Their fear of rejection, ridicule, abandonment have them act out these fears in very self centered ways. They need to be the center of attention, they do not care how their behaviors affect others, it is always all about them. There fear abandonment in relationships is so terrifying for them they never let you get to close to them. To these insecure personalities if you do get to close to me, you can hurt me. Flaky personalities must always guard against true closeness or intimacy. So they will curtail all contact with a person to who he/she feels might becoming close to them. For example, here on one day gone the next. These behaviors are all part of their need to be in control. They do not feel they owe you any explanation for their hurtful behavior towards you.

The female Flaky personality is called an "Entitlement Princess" because she behaves as if she thinks she is royalty and therefore entitled to anything she wants, no matter what the consequences are for others. In colloquial terms, she has often been more crudely portrayed simply as a soiled brat."
The male Flake is no better, he feels special and entitled to special treatment, he knows all and treats others like they are objects rather than people, they are there only to serve his wants and needs. Many are Commitment Phobic types.  
These personalities behavior patterns fall under the "entitled or spoiled" narcissistic type.

Flaky personalities are also extremely unreliable and inconsistent, usually because they are so self-absorbed. They fail to turn up to pre-arranged meetings or are hours late, they will not return a call or text message for days offering only obvious lies as excuses for their inconsiderate behavior towards you.
They believe the world centers around them so they act in accordance to that belief.

They have a deep need for attention. You will also notice that in any group situation, when someone stands out of the crowd or holds the audience, the Flaky personality will find a way of undermining the one having the attention, for they must have that all for themselves. They will find ways to act up. The true drama king and queen. Flirting, acting provocative, talking loud, making a scene of some sort, etc. Remember everything in their lives is a major event. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., Is where they can acquire the attention they need. Since they cannot validate themselves they need you to validate them and their sense of self worth. Social Media is their stomping ground. They are the ones who change their profile picture every other day, make up stories about themselves, many of the stories I have analyzed for content about alleged kidnappings, assaults, racist incidents have been false stories.  They become very offended when they do not get a hundred likes. Everything they do is posted. They believe everyone needs to know everything about their lives because they are so special. When that attention is not forth coming they will hide their profile for a week or so. Then it will reappear again. Remember "movement attracts attention." They will block you and defriend you at the drop of a hat because of something you may have said or didn't say to their attention getting games. These are the personalities who cannot be off their I-phone for two seconds at dinner or any other social engagement.

Flaky personalities are always ready to take offense or feel slighted by even the most casual remark which they perceive as being hostile to them. They commonly misinterpret what others say or write, as if it was meant badly towards them, even when it's not about them. They can feel insulted by what seems to others to be an innocuous remark and cannot take even the least kind of criticism. This will also result in their making a campaign out of the destruction of the critic. Nothing will be spared in that quest. They will spread rumors about you to others. They will ruin your reputation. They will do everything in their power to have everyone not believe you. They will do everything in their power to discredit you, so everyone will not take anything you have to say about them seriously. They must keep that mask up at all costs.

Flaky personalities are terrified of Alpha personalities a true confident male or female.
They find such personalities so catastrophically threatening that they almost pretend that these personalities don't exist. This is because of the possibility of rejection or abandonment either due to their ability to see through them (which they certainly do very quickly) or because they fear that such a confident personality will not be interested in them (which he/she certainly wouldn't) or, if they were to embark on a relationship with them, they would soon reject and abandon them for another. Alpha's see right through these personality types. This is the Flaky personalities fear. The fear that you will be able to expose them for the insecure personalities they are. They do everything in their power to discredit you. They will make you out to be the problem, the jerk, the problems in any relationship with them or friends. You are always the problem, so lying about you and talking behind your back is a common tactic of these personality types. When true Alpha's come into the room, these insecure personalities disappear. This is to disguises and conceal their fear. They are frightened stiff of the Alpha's because they know true Alpha's are no fools and can see right through them.

I could go on and on about Flaky Personalities, don't be fooled. If you are a true confident male or female you will not be for very long. If you are unsure about the people in your personal or professional life call me, my ex. is 01155 I will be more than happy to help you.

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