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Flaky People

Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE

Flaky People

What are flaky people? Men and women can be flaky. In my research yesterday I came across an article that talked about women on dating sites and their behavior patterns, and what men should watch out for. I asked myself what about the men and their behavior and what women should watch out for? In my work I have seen as much flaky behavior from men as I have seen from women. Some men on dating sites are only out there looking for hook ups. They are not looking for a serious relationship. They are looking for quick easy sex. They come in strong, confident and sound great. The problem with some of these men, not all, is they just want sex. No more no less, do they tell you women that up front? No, they all sound the same in the beginning "I am looking for a serious relationship" and they tell you "I am an honest guy" or "I am not into playing games" and the best one I have heard is "I love to take long walks on the beach" really? The only time a guy wants to take a long walk on the beach is when he is fishing for stripers.

If you are so honest and caring why talk about it. If I am a straight forward guy I don't have to tell you that. Same goes for the women, as soon as I hear "I am not into playing games" I know you are into game playing and I have a drama queen on my hands. One of the biggest red flags' for me is texting. After you have made an introduction and have met on a date or two the texting should be dialed back a little. If texting is your only form of communication you may be walking into a red flag. Yes I understand that everyone texts but after a while you want phone time. If I can't talk to you at night when you are home alone that tells me something is wrong. Yes you and your new love interest text all day long, yet it drops off at night or it is non existent. The other red flag is the texting at night is not fluent there are long breaks in between texts. He or she only answers you in one or two word answers. The communication between the two of you seems off breaking Paul Grice's Conversational Maxims. These Maxims are; quality, quantity, relevance and manner.
These Maxims hold true in all forms of communication. When these Maxims are broken, deception is not far behind.

Another red flag for me is he/she never wants to take you out or be seen with you in public. He will come over to your house at night usually during the week with a pizza in hand and a cheep bottle of wine, eat and have sex and off he goes with the "I have to be up early for work tomorrow." OK, so get up early from my house what difference does it make, early is early no matter what bed he crawls out of. No, that does not happen, he needs his bed and his pillow to get a good nights sleep. Every weekend he has some excuse as to why he can't see you. Yet during the week he is all yours. I had a client who was played for over a year with this personality type. She would "rationalize" his behavior away. A serious mistake she would come to regret. I read all his text messages for content, I could not believe what I was reading, he was very intelligent, in his forties had a good job. When I was reading his texts to her questions about where they were going in their relationship, he sounded like a special needs kid. He broke Paul Grice's Maxims of "quality and relevance." He never answered her questions in a straight forward manner. He never introduced her to his family, friends he never wanted her to show up at his work place. This wonderful piece of work is now engaged to the woman he was living with while he was cheating on her with my client who ended up broken hearted. I am sure he was with many other women as well.
This non-committal, emotionally unavailable, cheating man is pairing up with an overly attentive female willing to hang in there, no matter what, this is a surprisingly common type of relationship. Why, does a woman stay true to such a man? It may be because she believes his very aloofness makes him a more desirable catch. This is a very well crafted game that players use very effectively. She believes if she hangs in there long enough, he will eventually commit, and it will mean so much more because he was so ambivalent about her in the beginning. She sees a chance for self-validation because she is finely earning his attention. No, you are letting your ego get in the way of your common sense. If a man or woman is into you they will show it in words and actions. If they are only whispering sweet nothings into your ear, that is exactly what you have, sweet nothings. When you are unsure about your new love interest, call me, I will be more than happy to help you.

My ex. is 01155 I will offer you free time after every call. I look forward to talking to you.

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