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Florida School Shooting Part One (1)
Special interest Article;
Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE
Saint Valentines Day Massacre
Florida School Shooting
Threat Assessment
Part One (1)
My heart and prayers go out to all of the families who lost loved ones in todays school shooting in Florida Now why? What caused this nineteen year old to decide to kill his classmates. First, there is always a "trigger" that sets them off. This attack was well planed. From a threat assessment perspective "people do not just wake up one morning and decide they are going to kill people." He was stewing over something weeks in advance. This was a well planned and calculated attack. His language may have changed from "indirect and veiled threats" to a more "focused and direct threat." What "triggered" him. The most important thing that people must remember is that a "change in behavior, is a change in that persons reality." People were not paying attention to that change. Stating that he was a weirdo and a loner and leaving it at that is not good enough. This man had problems and he stated those problems and issues but no one was listening. Was the loss of his girlfriend the "trigger" was "jealousy" over that loss, the "trigger."
He was kicked out of school for fighting with her new boyfriend. He was offended, rejected and shunned by his classmates. He had a keen interest in guns. He went from shooting a BB gun in his back yard and killing small animals, this shows a "lack of empathy." He acquired an AR-15. This shows an escalation in his behavior and mind set. This kid was a ticking time bomb ready to go off. How and where did he get these weapons from? He either talked about what was troubling him to someone or posted that anger on his Facebook page or some other media outlet. No one paid attention. When you see a change in a persons behavior;
You don't pay attention to what a person says, you pay very close attention to "what it is" they are saying.

This gives you a good indication of what is going on in their head. I have stated time and time again "be a competent observer of your environment." A change in behavior or language is a change in a persons reality. It is up to all of us to investigate that change and what caused it.
This kid had revenge in his heart, he had a gun, he became strong and feared. This school shooting was the first time in his life people paid attention to him. The cost was seventeen lost lives.
Tomorrow part two (2)


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