"UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR" On a FORENSIC level, Handwriting Analysis is used for, Assisting Criminologists & Law Enforcement agents in behavioral profiling involving crimes of violence.
Florida School Shooting Part Two (2)

Saint Valentines Day Massacre
Florida School Shooting
Threat Assessment
Part Two (2)

 In criminal profiling the profilers have the "what, why, were, how and when." They attempt to determine the "who."  In threat assessment profiling we have the "who, where, why, what, how."  We attempt to prevent the "when," violence will occur. Threat assessment profiling is the first line of defense when attempting to prevent an act of violence. Answering the question "what is the best I can hope for, what is the worst I can expect" from this personality when he/she has reached a saturation point and will explode in a fit of anger and rage.

Unfortunately if a person or persons is hell bent on committing an act of terrorism/violence domestic or foreign they will find a way. We can ban all guns, they will use something else, car, truck, bomb, knife, a book of matches and a can of lighter fluid will cause harm and death in the wrong hands. Paying attention to the early warning signs is the first line of defense. There were many warning signs with this kid, no one paid attention. Why do I say that. I stated in my first profile that these people many times than not "leak future behavior" prior to their act violence. People do not wake up one day and decide they will become mass killers. This process evolves over a period of time. Changes in their behavior is the first indicator of a possible issue. Postings on their Facebook page, or some other social media outlet. Talking about a violent act to a friend due to some stress or anger over an issue. This builds up over time until some event in his/her life "triggers" the violence.

All threats are not created equal but all threats must be addressed in a timely fashion. Decisions on how they are handled must be done quickly. A threat can be spoken, written or implied. Making a gun with your fingers and pointing it at someone is an implied threat.
This young man was a very troubled personality, he enjoyed shooting small animals with his BB gun. This shows a lack of any empathy. He violated others personal space, being a peeping tom and looking into his neighbors windows. Stealing their mail. His next door neighbor has stated he tried to kill and poison his dog more than once. This was a problem teenager, yet no one stepped in to talk to him. Ask him what is troubling him. He was a loner but not by choice. This only added to his anger. These behavior patterns combined with his U-Tube video wanting to be a "professional school shooter" were very serious red flags that needed to be addressed. The FBI was made aware of this video back in September they stated that it was not a "direct threat" and fell into the "indirect threat" category. His past behavior patterns and this video tells me he had intent. He also had the means to carry out this threat, he had weapons. When assessing a threat the first thing we would look for does the person making the threat have the means to carry out the threat. He did, he had weapons. That should have never been overlooked. To many red flags were overlooked with this teenager, this school shooting could have been prevented.

Part three (3) tomorrow


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