"UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR" On a FORENSIC level, Handwriting Analysis is used for, Assisting Criminologists & Law Enforcement agents in behavioral profiling involving crimes of violence.



Working as a Forensic Profiler for over seventeen years has taught me much about human behavior and its complexity.


Personalities are like our four primary colors, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.  The personality we are profiling may be Extrovert, Controlled Extrovert ,  Ambivert  or Introvert  but that is where the similarities end. The different behavioral traits found in the personality is like mixing anyone of these four primary colors with one another and you have a new color or a totally different personality. The mixing of the colors are the traits that we detect, identify and analyze in the personality. We have one hundred twenty researched  traits that interact with one another making each and every one of us totally different and unique personalities.



The American Public is both uninformed and misinformed regarding Forensic/Therapeutic Profiling, many people think we Profile people bases on their race, creed, color, gender or national origin or if the personality is gay or straight.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a marked difference between Profiling and Bigotry.    


Profilers work to come up with a Personality Profile based on Behavior patterns consistent over a period of time. We attempt to answer the question “what is the best I can hope for”, “what is the worst I can expect”  from this personality when their logic has been reduced and their emotions come into play.

My job as a Profiler is to unmask the personality in question, and uncover the dark side of their behavior if one exists.  

This is the primary reason I warn my clients to be competent observers during the Honeymoon Phase of any new relationship which can last anywhere from six months to a year. This is the time period where everyone is on their best behavior. If the personality is putting up a false front or a mask you will notice leakage when they are under stress or when they have had a little too much to drink. Woman need to ask questions! Ask about their past relationships, how and why did it end? How did they treat their past girlfriend / wife. How do they treat family members, co workers and friends. A very good indication on his / her character is the people he / she associates with.

When talking with people on the internet remember this saying before you meet or get emotionally involved with someone you really do not know:

This quote is from the famous FBI Profiler John Douglas,


                         “ANYONE YOU WANT ME TO BE”  


When trying to understand and learn about the people in your personal and professional life and why at times they act the way they do. Remember,


                         “Traits are expressed through behavior”  

                    “Past behavior is inductive of future behavior” 

                     “ Behavior reflects personality”   


If you should have any questions on Forensic Profiling and the three diagnostic tools I use in my Profiling work, Handwriting Analysis, Statement Analysis and Non Verbal Communication please call me on EX 0188325 I will be more than happy to talk with you,


                                         Anthony Iantosca, BCFE

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