"UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR" On a FORENSIC level, Handwriting Analysis is used for, Assisting Criminologists & Law Enforcement agents in behavioral profiling involving crimes of violence.

Special interest Article;
Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE

I was asked last week can I teach classes or courses in profiling. Yes, I can. I did so for many years and still do to this day. Every conversation I have with clients I teach you something. It is one thing for me to explain to you why people act the way they do. That has never been enough for me. I want you to learn. I want you to become educated. What to watch out for, the behaviors that people may do to cause you harm and emotional discomfort. Every conversation we have is a class in understanding human behavior. I will teach you something about handwriting analysis based on American Trait Theory, Statement Analysis for deception detection, Nonverbal Communication body language. The psychology behind those behavior patterns and traits. What a person may be saying and projecting and what they are feeling may be two entirely different matters.
 I had a client call me last week, she stated that she was having problems at work. "Tony, there is a woman I work with that acts like she really likes me, I need to go to her for help and ask her questions, I am a new hire and she has been there for a while, yet I feel that she is not being genuine with me. I always feel that she is not giving me all the information I need to become better at my job function, is there a way I can be sure Tony?" I said yes there is. The next time you see her I want you to watch her eyebrows. If she truly likes you when she sees you her eyebrows will flash up and down very quickly. If there is no eyebrow flash this woman is not your friend and you must be on guard when interacting with her.   
My client called me back and said to me "Tony, she never flashes her eyebrows when she sees me, you were right. She is not my friend is she?" "I said no, she is not, what that reason is we don't know. It is very possible she feels threatened by you in some way, or she could be envious of you for some reason." "What is important for you to understand is that you need to double check everything she tells you."
"Do not change your behavior when interacting with her. I want you to remain consistent, be friendly and polite." "She will watch you like a Hawk and if she feels slighted or disrespected by you in any way, shape or form things will go from bad to worse."
So in every conversation we have, I will teach you something about human behavior and why people act the way they do. Knowledge is power. The more you learn and understand the sooner you begin helping yourself. I can be reached here on Ingenio my Ex. is 01155
I will be more than happy to help you anyway I can. Better yet, teach you something about human behavior.
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