Contemplative Thoughts: Reflections of a Nurse

I've been wired down to my DNA, to deeply care for and about people. As a nurse, I've seen many, many sides of life that are ever-changing, beautiful, tumultuous, surprising, unrelenting, spectacular,mind-boggling, chaotic and wonderful.
Happy Summer!!!!
Hope all is well in your life!   Just an FYI regarding two changes:

1)  I'm excited to announce that I am now offering video chats for my clients!  Don't forget that those have to be scheduled as appointments.  You should see the link next to my listing.

2) I have lowered my prices for the weekend through Sunday night.  Having a very slow weekend and will be home for three days straight, devoting time to my home-based jobs.  Just wanted to let ya know in case you need any  guidance or advice! 
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