Are you wondering what is going wrong in your relationships? Have you started off great and then it "fizzles" out? Can't seem to find that special someone? Tired of the games people play?
Abusive Relationships: When is enough....ENOUGH?
I often see many signs of abusive relationships while talking with clients. I am not speaking today of" physical abuse", I am speaking of EMOTIONAL ABUSE.

Although one may be aware that they are a victim of this type of abuse, they see no alternative other than ending the relationship. "I either stay or go" my clients tell me. They see no other way out of the vicious cycle that they have tolerated. No one wants to leave the person they love. Most often, we see great value in the relationship we do have. We see many positive qualities in our partner, but not sure how to correct those negative behaviors that cause us so much stress,

I can not go into detail here because each case is so different. Every relationship is unique in its own way. But what I can tell you is, you don't always have to "go". We can make changes and work on eliminating the abuse. And yes, you can do it alone even without your partners' involvement. You.....can create the change! You just need to learn how.

If you feel you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship, write me for free minutes and let us find an answer for you.

You don't need to suffer in silence any longer. Lets Talk.

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