Are you wondering what is going wrong in your relationships? Have you started off great and then it "fizzles" out? Can't seem to find that special someone? Tired of the games people play?
CATFISH......Could it happen to you ?
I have been on Ingenio ever since 2003. Over the years I have spoken with people from all over the globe, both national and international. People from all walks of life. People who are both young and old, rich and not so rich, white collar, blue collar, and everything in between. Gay people, Straight people, Bi-Sexual and Transgender, male, female, married, single and all that you can imagine. I have met some of the most wonderful people while working here, intelligent, compassionate, amazing people. One thing all my callers have in common is; Social Media! Dating sites, Facebook, and so many other sites people connect and make new friends. These friendships can develop over time to a point of a real attraction. People move from chat rooms to texting and sometimes actual phone calls, talking live for hours. We develop a trust with our new friend and share intimate details of our life. We can grow so close that we no longer look for a person to date, we fall in love with our special friend and plan to meet in the future. Although, for one reason or another we never skype. You never get to SEE who you are falling for, for one reason or another they won't show there face.....only pictures. This is a sign of a CATFISH. Both male and females catfish online and no one is beyond being fooled. Why do people do this? I have known many reasons from emotional need, attention, and at times a form of stalking. Yes, your new friend could be an old flame or a person who is an obsessive secret admire. I have even heard of Black Mail. They know too much about you, your wife, husband, partner, friends, and sometimes hold pictures of your body. You been Catfished and now holding deep emotions for a picture of a person who really doesn't exist. can be dangerous for both parties involved. When meeting strangers on social media, don't just believe a picture. You must see the person before you believe in them. Even those long distance relationships can be a Catfish and I have heard of several of those. Never give too much of yourself to a stranger. And never, never give money to anyone, no matter how desperate they sound. Remember.....we can all get hooked by a Catfish.
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