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CHRISTMAS: Lots of presents under the tree with a very limited budget.
Yes, I am writing about Christmas when many have not even thought much about the holidays while still in September. But as a single mother, I have learned over the years how to have a wonderful, amazing Christmas by planning in advance. This is the best time to shop for gifts on a very limited income. If you have young children waiting for Santa when Christmas arrives, you can begin now and have many wrapped gifts under the tree. Mom and dad, it's all about timing! One example; If you have children between 4 & 8 yrs old. You will find all the left over school supplies in the clearance isle of most stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Dollar stores. Crayons are now marked down to 0.25 , I just purchased 4 boxes this weekend. A box of crayons wrapped with a small pretty bow under the tree makes a nice gift for a child. You can also find colored pencils and other items all for just one quarter. Include a 0.50 coloring book from the dollar store ,wrapped separately under the tree just gave your child 2 gifts to open for less then 1.00. Include some other items like a pencil box, markers, paper,etc. and you can come up with 4-5 gits under the tree for less then $2.00. This of course is not the big item gifts children look for on Christmas, they will come later. When any child wakes up in the morning and see's a pile of gifts under the that's fun. It is not always about the gift but it is also about having several pretty packages with your child's name on it under the Christmas tree. Socks are also priced lower this time of year. One package of 6 pair of socks cost around $3.98 a pack. Open the pack and wrap 3 pair in two pretty packages and you just placed 2 more gifts under your tree. Your child now has 6 or so packages to open on Christmas morning and lets face it......6 packages under the tree is a nice little bundle for less then $7.00. If you need to learn how to shop on a small budget for your family, just send me an email for free minutes. I can help you with toys, clothes, and teen and adult gifts as well. I can save you hundreds of dollars just by learning when and how to shop. Happy Shopping! Diane
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