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DOCUMENTATION: A Must To Have In The Work Place ....Part 2.
My earlier Post on Documentation was written back in April 2017. I received so many questions from callers, I thought it was time for a follow-up. If you have not read my first post, please do so now. Leave a comment and send me an email for 5 free minutes.

This question from my callers has been presented to me many times, therefore I thought I would write on this issue today.

HOW TO DOCUMENT A VERBAL CONVERSATION: This can be a very touchy matter and must be handled carefully. So often a comment or direction may be given to you by your Manager and you have no "proof" to protect your self if something went wrong.

For example; A client of mine needed to leave work early and was given permission to do so by her Supervisor. When she returned to work she was questioned by the CEO as to why she left early. She explained she had informed her supervisor of her situation and was given permission to leave early several days in advance. Well, her Supervisor denied this, claiming she never gave her permission to leave early. My client had nothing in writing to defend herself. This conversation was all verbal.

Now, although I teach in great detail to document, there are times where verbal situations occur and we still need to document, especially when we have a superior with "selected memory" as was the problem in my client's case. So let us take a look at some ways this situation could have been handled to protect one's self;

1. She could have sent a quick email reminder to her supervisor that morning.

2. Following her receiving permission to leave early, she could have sent a brief "thank you" note.

3. She could have sent an email stating the time she would be leaving along with how she was going to make up her time

4. She could send an email pertaining to another subject with a quick note at the end of her leaving early.

This is a way to cover your back when you feel you have a discord of some nature with your superior, otherwise a lack of trust.

Could you imagine how powerful my client would have felt if she presented her email reminding her supervisor she was leaving in front of the CEO. She would have shown who was telling the truth and how she did have permission. Now, remember all situations are different. This method may not work for everyone. But you can always find a way to protect yourself in the workplace. If you can not feel like you can protect yourself, send me an email for free minutes and we will find a way together.

Have a Happy Work Day.


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