Are you wondering what is going wrong in your relationships? Have you started off great and then it "fizzles" out? Can't seem to find that special someone? Tired of the games people play?
DOCUMENTATION: A Must To Have In The Work Place.
I receive many calls from those in Management as well as CEO's of companies sharing concerns over employee/employer relationships. I have also heard many stories of "bullies" in the work place and the fear of those being bullied. The on going problem and advice I give.....YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO DOCUMENT! Now this may seem like a easy is not! You need the correct training to prove your case and win. My callers have sent me emails with messages they have received in the work place and yet they were unsure how to respond. If you don't respond correctly you could be unemployed. Documentation needs to begin as soon as you see a problem. Keeping copies of notes, emails, etc. is a must for both employee and those in management. If you are having trouble with an employee or an employer....give me a call and lets begin to document. Blessings Diane National Consultant ext. 0127
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