Ravings from a Maryland Mad Woman in Minnesota

Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so. I'm entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, All the best people are. All writing is for your entertainment, I do hope you enjoy.
Preparing for a better future
So, I haven't been around for several months and all after planning to post every week. I often say the Universe likes to laugh at my long-term plans. This year’s twist from the all might Universe is moving to Minnesota. Somewhere in late months of Spring, my husband’s company decided to open a new office and my husband was the man to do it. Well, the plan was set in place but was not solidified until June. Which gave us a month to pack up a four-bedroom house, three kids, two adults, a cat, a dog and a bunny and move to Minnesota.

I, myself, took this opportunity to go through our precious collection of stuff and get rid of things not being used. My son’s did the same; one on his own and one with my help. My husband and my daughter did not and found they have brought a bunch of stuff that they did not really need at the expense of things that we should have brought with us. All things that can be replaced but would have made life easier… so word to the wise. When packing, “Clean out the past, pack up the present and prepare for a much better future!”

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