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Who are "You"?
This is among the most fascinating questions that can lead you to a REALITY check. I have always asked my students this question and have had amazing success in trying to answer Is Reality for Real? Please join me in my fascinating journey that has helped me as a doctor, teacher and a Guru in in breaking down Reality and bringing comfort to thousands of stressed, sick, depressed and dying patients students and followers. My question to all of YOU out there reading this is Please try and understand WHO ARE YOU? There are millions of people who are confused, angry, worried, fighting and this question alone can put an end to their confusion, anger, fight and bring peace and tranquility to us all. Please respond and leave comments. Thank you, Dr. Harish Malik Legal Disclaimer: The reader is solely responsible for any outcome resulting thereof by reading the posts or comments on this site. The publisher can not be held responsible for anything at all. THIS IS FOR REAL!
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