Introblog: About ME, Jessica N. Abraham, and why I am a relationship adviser.

Hello, Everyone! I would like to begin my first ever blog post on this site with a special “thanks” to everyone who has made my presence here feel welcomed! It’s been almost a year since I have been here, and I have enjoyed every moment.

Since I have been here, I have ran into those individuals who truly do need help and have done my part in decoding the situations that they have explained to me. I have helped people get over negative influences in their lives, get up enough nerve to speak to their crush, fix broken relationships, get back with exes that they truly loved, and keep relationships interesting. I often  hear back from callers who seem to be very happy with the progress we have made in their situation. That being said, some situations are a quick fix and others take time and counselling.

I am only twenty-eight years old. How is it that such a young woman can know so much about relationships, especially if never married (officially)? Well, truthfully, this is because of one philosophy that I have had all my life: “Just because two people are perfect for each other or good people, it doesn’t mean that their chemistry allows them to be. While their similarities can bring bliss, their differences can create nuclear shields around them… The closer you get the closer you get to an explosive reaction.”

Over the years, I was the one friends and family turned to for advice on relationship issues. Shoot, they even sent their friends to me at times. I love giving advice and helping people. Actually, it wasn’t until December 2012 that I actually started to get paid for it, thanks to Ingenio!

In my life, I have dated little, but I have had multiple long-term relationships that have lasted for many years each (often leading to an unfulfilled engagement). These relationships are comprised of men of different backgrounds and ethnicities. And, while different scenarios played out in each and each man was unique, lessons were learned, discussed and forgiven.

I am still friends with most of my exes. We have spoken  from a “clear head” about our relationships later and much was revealed about difficulties in our relationships. I have been lied to, cheated on (multiple times by the same men), ignored, overlooked, taken for granted, split apart due to pressures of family interferences (people that had never met or spoke to me and insisted my ex fiance go into an arranged marriage… which he refused to marry anyone if it wasn’t me), dealt with pride issues from men, and much more. Yet, I have never been dumped. How interesting is that?

I have been involved in the Entertainment Business for years, as well as serving an intensive career in Marketing and Business in Orlando, FL for many years (I own a few businesses). I have dealt with multiple personality types and people have always felt like they could open up to me … even when I don’t think it appropriate. Even in college, I went to a school that was all male for the most part, and I learned a lot about the male psyche.

I often “hung out” with classmates and was often included as “one of the dudes…” My sex was often overlooked, while they spoke around me as if I really was one of the guys. As a matter of fact, this held me back from many crushes, because they always looked at me this way or as “a little cousin” or “little sister.” They also gave ME advice in MY relationships.

I have studied a lot of the relationships I have witnessed -- those happy, sad, long and short. I have asked questions in all of those relationships. I am a sucker for love and have an “old school” attitude when it comes to love and marriage, while being a modern woman out of necessity.

These conversations and observations have been very beneficial in finding that “one” for me, which I have found. I found him twice… the one to change my life and allow me to see exactly what I wanted and how to be in a relationship... and the one that would be my gift from above. It has also led me to give good advice to others. It wasn’t something I had to learn in school. It was something that has come natural. I have had hands-on field research, as opposed to clinical statistical training. And yet, psychology has always fascinated me, so I have done studies on my own for this and do form opinions with this in mind.

I agree there are many things about me that some men wouldn’t like. I can become too busy and wrapped up in work. I am a single mother to a man who was a friend for 5 years and boyfriend for two. My first boyfriend was a good man (although I have unproven suspicion that he had been cheating on me and he was always a pessimist) that I threw away, simply because I was young and my priorities were elsewhere. I am often too giving to people and too nice to strangers, creating confusion for my exes. I also have a bad temper when multiple things build up over a long period of time.

Overall, I have been told that I am a “great wife…” So, I have learned from my own “glitches” what can make or break a relationship and the friction that can lead to heartache. I have also learned tricks and tips on what can heal it and help you get over it, as well as how to smooth it over and improve. H-Town (a 90’s R&B group) said it best, “even the sweetest woman in the world can be the meanest woman in the world… IF YOU MAKE HER THAT WAY…” But, when it comes down to it, she gets mad because she is a sweet woman that loves you very much. Sometimes, even the man has to become that “sweet woman” to gloss things over and enhance a good relationship that found a quark!

There are many other things I can speak on in this blog, but I wanted to keep it short. And, it is already long! I wanted to introduce myself to you and give you a glimpse into my life if you haven’t met me already!

Listen, if you take anything away from this blog post, I would like you to know that I truly enjoy helping others out. I know what Hell feels like, and I like to help keep others from that feeling. If you read my feedback, you will see what a few clients have said. You know, I had this discussion with one person. He told me that some people will just talk to make time ring up. He liked that I actually analyze the situation. He asked if I realized that I could make more money by just speaking more. I told him, and I truly mean it, that there are over 6.67 billion people in this world.

Let me help people instead of taking advantage of them. Besides, some of those people will return, knowing that I can help because they either didn’t take the advice that they should have or that their relationship just wasn’t meant to be and the previous advice did help.

That being said, I am very open-minded, as long as conversation doesn’t lead to a man having some type of orgasm. I am sorry to be blunt, but this is not phone sex. At the same time, I do realize that about 75% of relations find distance due to sexual limitations, and I will speak about some possible remedies to those situations. That being said, I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you… and helping you to find some sort of peace within yourself and within your relationship!

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