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poppers / rush / jungle juice / room deodorant
i had the pleasure of reliving a youthful memory today. i had a guy ( doug, thank you very much)  who had never tried poppers before. he was a little concerned about their safety as he should have been. as long as you have no heart problems and don't use them all the time there shouldn't be any problem with them.  we were talking about how they can be a sexual enhancement. being careful not to get the liquid on your skin, taking a huff from the bottle sends a head rush and feeling of warmth thru the whole body. many gay guys use this when they are attempting to receive anal, but it can also be used while jacking off.  with some men it prolongs the need to cum by moving that sexual feeling to all areas of the body or maybe they just enjoy the head rush so much they forget the other head for a few minutes.  doug's freind told him it prolonged his orgasim when he and his wife made love. so OF COURSE we had to see if that held true when you are just masterbating.  doing the hit just before he came, doug couldn't believe how much more intense the orgasim was. he said he shot up on his shoulder and chest which is not the norm for him. it also seemed to make the after feelings more intense. he just laid there in the stickiness of his cum, enjoying the warmth for quite some time.  I think i might have to get a bottle myself and get reaquainted with poppers and see how they can add to my sex life now that my mind goes in so many more directions than it did in my late teens.
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