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Achieving Better Orgasms

The question I’m asked the most in the “Sexual Health” category is “How can men achieve better orgasms?” Due to the popularity of this question, I wanted to address it in this blog. Useful techniques for creating more intense orgasms fall into four categories: indirect and direct practices, medicinal herbs, and toys.

Direct Practices: These involve you physically guiding yourself in having better orgasms. The first three direct practices listed below increase the intensity of your orgasm and help you to stay erect longer. This is a bonus when you’re trying to prolong the pleasure for her. Indirect practices include:

* Controlling your breathing so that breaths are long, deep and consistent.
* Changing the depth of your thrust (or stroke). Do nine shallow thrusts (or strokes) for every one deep thrust (or stroke).
* Pulling back when you’re close to orgasm by stopping all thrusting (or stroking) and remaining still. You can continue thrusting (or stroking) only once your level of arousal has decreased significantly. This is also known as “edging.”
* Squeezing the tip of your penis prior to ejaculation. Do this before, not after ejaculating, since it hurts afterwards.
*Tugging your testicles when you feel them sliding upwards. Rumor has it that this makes your experience more pleasurable.

Indirect Practices. While indirect practices do not involve you guiding yourself physically, it can have just as great of an impact on the quality of your orgasm.

Abstaining from ejaculating. You don’t have to stop having sex or masturbating, but if you prevent yourself from climaxing for a week, this will create semen build up. The result will be a bigger semen release when you do finally climax, and a more pleasurable orgasm as a result.

Learning exercises for your PC muscle (i.e., pubococcygeus muscle). Your PC muscle runs from your pubic bone to your tailbone. The strengthening exercises are called Kegel exercises, and I can give you more information on them upon request.

Medicinal Herbs and Roots. The herbs and roots listed below increase nitric oxide and testosterone production in men, and they also increase blood flow to the sexual organs. You can find these herbs at the GNC in your local mall or Co-Op in the vitamin and herb section. (It should be noted that general good health is a prerequisite for achieving both normal and optimal orgasms.) Herbs for better orgasms include:

* Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)
* Cnidium
* Ginseng
* Ginger

Sex Toys. In addition to these techniques, the use of toys can also greatly enhance your pleasure. Take your time experimenting with these suggested options in order to increase your level of arousal. Also, although toy stores might not be available in your neighborhood, they’re abundant online for your discrete perusal. Recommended toys fall into three general categories:

* Toys for couples (e.g., vibrators, rings, plugs, etc.)
* Toys for gentlemen who are solo for the night (e.g., strokers, sleeves, beads, etc.)
* Toys for couples and solo adventurers. These toys produce pleasure regardless of whether you’re alone or with a partner.

Remember that I’m available through Keen and Ingenio if you need to talk about concerns related to sexual health. I’m here to listen to you tell me about your issues, so that I can help you experience a more satisfying erotic life. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 1-800-ASK-KEEN, extension 03632439.

Talk to you soon!
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