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Are you suffering from weekend depression?

Weekend depression, anxiety, and sadness may start creeping up on you without your knowing it. During the week you're busy with work, activity and your schedule. But when Friday or Saturday starts rolling around, you may notice feeling blue, sad, or stressed out. It's starnge-how can the approaching weekend send you into depression?

For some people, weekend depression occurs as they expereince the aloneness of not having a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. For other people, weekend depression can occur if they are in an unhappy partner or marriage relationship, and they are forced to spend time in an unhappy relationship. Fighting, arguing, feeling criticized, or just didtant and lonely can be common symptoms that lead to this kind of weekend depression. Or, if one has difficult family relations with parents or childrem increased contact on weekends can produce the feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, anger or depression.

A licensed psychotherapist can help you understand and work on your weekend depression. Please feel free to call me and talk over the weekend!  

# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Friday, October 02, 2009 6:11 AM
I thought I was crazy having these feelings about weekends.  Then, as I sat here, at work on Friday morning, dreading the day's end and subsequent weekend, I just did a search for "weekend depression," to see if it was something real and I found it was and then found this site.  

In prior years, I had the depression over the weekend ending and as I moved closer to Sunday it grew worse; dreading Monday and a new work week.  I thought I liked that job but I can see it held much stress and conflicts.

Today I have a job I like but it's not enough that I hate to leave it.  My issue started when I moved back to the hometown area, 3 years ago.  My mother-in-law moved in with us.  I liked the woman when she wasn't under foot and in my opinions everyday.  I started teaching evenings at a local college and taking online college courses for a second masters degree, just to be either away from the house or too busy to associate more than needed.  My wife of 26 years had a pretty good time together before moving back.  She wanted to come back because of her family and we had been away the entire time we were married (with annual visits).  

Now it is 9:10 a.m. and I am already feeling the tightness in my chest and the internal jitters I get about the weekend.  

This is real, isn't it?

Thanks for listening.

# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Sunday, December 05, 2010 12:56 PM
Very short article, but it's very much to the point and I liked it very much.  I, too, suffer from weekend depression.  I am a male, 54, and never been married.
The weekends do get pretty hard for me at times.

I do keep myself busy a lot with housecleaning and errands.  That keeps me going, but I don't have any close friends that I can go out with and no girlfriend.  I look for things to do to get people together.  It's a strain to have to research what's available.  Lots of times they have things going on early Sat. mornings, and I just don't feel like getting up very early to go to those things.  I have gone to all kinds of group meetings to get people together, but they have been real flops.  Some just didn't happen at all.

I do suffer some social anxiety and I feel that way when I'm with strangers.  I feel like I don't enjoy having to get out there to "make it".  I had done it for so long and it feels very old and draining to me.

I had a very good friend at one time and we did things together.  We split up and I really miss him.  He was such a nice and intellegent guy, but then he just suddenly changed by going on dating services and trying to get young hookers (he was in his mid-50s).

Also I feel that the people I know at my age are very much bogged down and are unavailable to ever get together with me.  I go to church on Sundays and even that is not working out very well for me.
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Sunday, September 18, 2011 9:34 AM
I never thought about this, but it's true. I am a teacher and work hard during the week but as Friday draws near I have anxiety and sad feelings. I used to love my weekends, but in the last six months or so I don't. It goes back to when my dad died and my mom decided I needed to move out of her house. My mom really is my only friend, but she has her own friends and is now gone alot. I'm not close to the rest of my family and have no friends. I found a job on Saturday mornings but the rest of the weekend just slowly passes by and I find myself looking forward to Mondays which I never used to do. I used to love Saturday and Sunday football games and stuff, but not any more. I'm worried about myself and need to find some kind of peace. I think it's lonliness on the weekends!
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Sunday, November 20, 2011 2:34 PM
My life is generally ok. I have a wonderful family, two teenage kids, husband that is not better or worse than the next one. We have been married for 20 years now, had ups and down but it is quite all right. Not much excitement though. I have my own business and I work a lot, but I love my work and am very good at it. The people I work with are all very nice and we get on well together. I have a lively group of friends. I am a loved and respected member of my city community and everybody thinks I am a positive and nice person. So in many ways my life is quite privileged. What is the problem then? At weekend I am so down and low in energy that I don' feel like doing anything. It has been going on for quite a  while and I find it very difficult to cope with it.  I go out with my friends and spend time with my family but it is far from being good. And of course, with the winter approaching it is getting worse. I forgot to mention that I am 46 and quite pre-menoposal. I can hardly wait for my weekends and plan to do a lot of things and then I don't feel like doing anything expect the usual house chores that I force myself to do. I except the fact that I am overworked, not young any more and need rest but I love active weekends and feel much better when I make them that way. I should also mention that I come from a European country that has been in crisis for the last 20 years and the whole situation in it is not rosy at all. I usually cope well with the financial problems and see them as challenges but lately it has been quite tough. I worry a lot and maybe this worry is draining me.
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Saturday, December 10, 2011 4:09 PM
For quite awhile I've been content with being alone on the weekends, but lately its began to depress me.  Mainly because I have no real friends.  There is one person in my life I consider a friend who is a non-relative, but even that relationship is stretched to call it a friend.  We know each other from work and if it wasn't for work, we'd likely not be friends.

So basically my weekends feel dull because I pretty much have nothing to do and it depresses me.  I want to do things but have no idea what or how to do.
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Friday, July 27, 2012 7:43 AM
I used to live for weekends.. now it's the opposite. I've been going through some financial problems so I am not able to do activities on weekends like I used to. Most of my friends are out and enjoying their weekends while I stay home with nothing to do. I feel like I'm missing out
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Sunday, September 09, 2012 5:52 AM
This is a great article and I know I'm not alone in feeling weekend depression.  During the work week I am busy and content.  Then when the weekend rolls around I am by myself.  I used to have lots of friends, but as I've gotten older they have moved away, gotten married or are busy with their own families.  So I seem to have work week friends, but then I'm alone on the weekend.  I'm not anti-social, but I'm not sure how to make new friends at an older age.  There are lots of activities I'd like to do, but it's hard to do them when you're alone.
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Saturday, October 20, 2012 3:15 PM
Yes. Very much. I am a working mother of two in a very happy marriage. Somehow, we have become very isolated from friends for multiple reasons. We work hard all week working and taking kids to activities. All I want to do on the weekends is rest. I have to do the chores that keep my family together during the week but find I am so lonely for activities with friends on the weekends. I have friends but no longer do much with them. There are no friends to go to dinner with or watch football with. We have friends that live out of town but none here. I don't even know how things got like this but it makes the weekends difficult. Sometimes I will go to work just because.
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Sunday, February 17, 2013 7:17 PM
I'd been dreading the weekends for several years, pretty much since I finished college and was no longer able to hang out with friends on a regular basis. For seven years I just pushed through then started seeing a therapist. I've made progress since. I found the anxiety stopped almost the whole time I was in a relationship with someone (six months); apparently, just having another person around I could interact with helped. After that relationship broke up, I have turned to other means: a weekend team sport, hockey or soccer, really seems to help, but it has not been a total solution.

I've been much better since I realized that I could do something about my weekend dread. The best is still hanging out with friends, but, as several have mentioned above, finding people to do things with is difficult at best. What works for me is 1) forcing myself to get out and find stimulation, physical activity or a new hobby group or otherwise. Joining a new group is really tough. I have found it really easy to second guess my attempts to try new things, just to get out, and actually getting out of the house is the hard part. But when I do I do feel better, especially if it is a group of people. 2) Team sports or activities. 3) Talking to friends on the phone. They may not go out and do anything, but apparently talking on the phone works.

I know part of my weekend experience is being single and alone--that I work on ;). I think another part is ADHD. A third might just be latent extroversion, who knows. And yet a fourth is often if I feel like I have been productive. If I have, I'm fine. So now I try to make sure I complete some goal every weekend.  

Overall, my strategy has been to try to design my weekend life around my needs. I play in a casual team league. I now am renting a place I can decorate and take pride in. This alone has made a huge difference. I've stopped renting the cheapest (decent) spot available and went in for a little more in order to get comfort. I also will walk daily to a thrift store about a mile away and just see what's new. If I do spend money when I'm feeling a bit down (and I often do), at a thrift store the damage to my finances is not so bad and i do not feel worse later for making the purchase.  
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Friday, May 31, 2013 6:23 PM
I get quite depressed and stressed out on the weekends. And the stress derives from my own overthinking. I just can't get out of the mindset that I should be having that 'fun' friday like everyone else and feel crummy about myself when I realize I'm not. I know it started when my boyfriend of over two years (oh we're in our early twenties) found his one true calling in life which is coaching people online. He started spending a lot of his time (including the weekends) working towards his life goals. There is nothing wrong with that I know and I'm happy for him of course. Now I've got free weekends on my hands and during the week i occupy myself but although I plan to do things on the weekends I just feel too bummed to do any of them. I just sigh and feel sorry for myself or mad at myself for wasting time on feeling sad. I could be having fun discovering a new hobby but weekends make me feel so lonely I dont feel like doing anything and wish Monday could just get here already. I'm more productive during the week and don't mind being on my own.
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Saturday, June 08, 2013 4:08 AM
I have battled with chronic back problems,and had 2 spinal operations,since my last operation,I was diagnosed with depression and live on ant depressants,since closing my own business,and getting my dream job, my weekends start of very low,just wanting to chill and watch a bit of tv...

I happily married at 42,and three amazing children,and lovable dog.

My wife can't understand why I'm always so low at weekend's,when I'm so happy and positive in the week!!!

Is this just me??
# re: Are you suffering from weekend depression? @ Sunday, June 23, 2013 3:53 AM
I can relate to a lot of what has been posted.  I feel energized by my job and somehow don't know what to do to have fun on the weekend.  I am reasonably happily married however I feel like I have run out of things to talk about with my husband.  We have a young child so a lot of the weekend is spent entertaining him, like going to playgrounds which frankly is boring.  I should add that we live abroad and while we have many acquaintances I dont feel really close to anyone.  I tend to fill whatever free time I have with watching TV or a film.  I keep thinking about the saying that only the boring are bored, but somehow I cant motivate to do much.  
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