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So she snores, or maybe he’s a bore…but you still like your partner a lot. How can you tell whether you should keep him or her, or keep fishing?  It’s easy to say you love his cooking, or her sense-of-humor, but what should you really look at in your partner to judge the health and goodness of your relationship?

 Here are some fast ways to tell whether he’s Mr. Right or she’s Ms. Wrong:

 1.     You feel accepted by your partner. Even if your thighs are double wide, your partner finds you attractive.

2.     You feel respected. Your partner admires your skill at origami, even if he or she has absolutely no interest in it.

3.     You feel comfortable. Whether you’re at a 5 star resort, or kicking back with KFC, your time together is generally easygoing.

4.     Your values are similar. You both agree it’s fine if the kids turn out to be high-school dropouts. Or you both love the idea of living in a tent in the Rockies for the rest of your life.

5.     Your family and friends generally approve. People close to you may see things about your partner that you are unable to see due to the cloud of romance and lust around your relationship.

6.     You’re a better person with him/her. You feel more like donating blood, or smiling, or saving the rainforest, thanks to his/her influence.

7.     Your life seems better. You haven’t sunk into debt, abandoned your kids, or been fired due to the pressures of your relationship.

8.     You can count on your partner. Whether you’re stranded in a monsoon, being stalked by your ex, or developing raging ulcers, your partner hasn’t left.

 If you are wondering about issues in your relationship, speak with a licensed, experienced psychotherapist. A good therapist will help you sort things out, without telling you what to do.

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