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Cloud of Fire enters the Atmosphere in 2023
Thank you for inspiration to blog today. Inspired to contemplate on the fullness of Lightness of our Spirits Soul evolution. Will our brith right be regenerated the coming year 2023? How are we preparing as our body regenerates cells every 7 years. Therefore, 1-7 cells change, then 7-14, the cycle begins as cells change, then 14-21 cells are changing again, 21-28 cells are changing again, 28-35 (7x5) =35 our cells are changing again, 35-42 years, cells are changing and replacing previous cells and new cells, then 42-49 cells change again, 49-56, cells are changing each 7 years, 56-63 cells are changing again, 63-70 cells are changing again, 70-77 cells changing, 77-84...year 2036. This continues until our soul agreeds to go. I was born in 1952 and I have noticed these 7 year events take place over a course of 7 years and preparing the body, will naturally guide itself as very intelligent. I had an event when my body vibrated and I was taken to the year 2037 as I asked myself when I was traveling to see what year, and I was shown 2037. To this day I continue to wonder this year to mean, my souls mission will be done and I will return to source. Very interesting dynamic to blog this as I need to live and leave notes for my son Jahara to view this in the later future. Now I keep getting that Jesus per the scriptures will return nearly 2023, thereabouts, even though we may not know exactly the year, day or time. Preparations are necessary for returning to the highest source for soul evolution is the very reason why we incarnated this life. Adoni
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