Mind Surgery via Intentional Tapping

How to restore mental and physical health by clearing negative thoughts, beliefs, and resistance.
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As I promised, I am posting with regard to how to get instant pain relief by using a technique I call "Mind Surgery via Intentional Tapping".  The idea is that when we get rid of the charge of a negative thought or feeling from your mind and body, instant pain relief will occur.  It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  I thought so too when I first started doing it, but soon realized that I was the fool for doubting it!  That was back in 2005 when I was a Computer Lab Teacher at Pomelo Elementary in West Hills, California.  An engineer friend of mine told me about this energy healing modality since he knew I was a Life Coach. 

The original technique is called "Emotional Freedom Techniques".  You can look that up on the web and get a free Ebook on how to do the technique, or just email me if you can't find it and I'd be happy to send you a copy.  It explains it in great detail, but you don't need great detail in order to get great benefit. 

Rather than give you a lot of boring history about this energy healing modality, I'm just going to dive in and start explaining it as if we are doing an actual session together.  Maybe in another post I'll give you the boring history!  This way, you will see what it is like to have a session with me.

This energy healing modality is very similar to acupuncture and acupressure, except that there is no pain, and it actually seems to work better!  Got your interest now?  Good!

So, let's say you've got back pain.  You call me up and you explain that this back pain has been with you for about 6 months, and although drugs do help, it is always there and it never seems to go away...

The first thing I'd ask you is where is it?  Is it lower, mid or upper back pain?  You tell me it's lower back pain on the right hand side.  Why do I ask?  Because I know that usually, lower back pain means fear of money, or money problems, the left side being predominately feminine, and the right side masculine.  So, my questioning would then center around money problems, and in particular, anything that happened 6 months ago that had to do with money and perhaps your mate.  So, let's say that your spouse lost his job 6 months ago.  Bingo!  Now we're rolling.  Sometimes, it's not nearly as easy as this to find the negative thought or feeling, but for this example, let's keep it simple. 

As we get deeper into the conversation, what we discover is that you have a lot of resentment and anger towards your mate because he lost his job and left you with the heavy burden of paying for all of the bills.  So, what we want to do is to get rid of the negative charge around your anger towards your mate.  This isn't to say that you don't have the right to want him to get a job, or that this means that you're going to be fine with him kicking it on the sofa all the time, watching his favorite ball games, and asking you to get him his beer!  What has happened is that you are not feeling supported by him monetarily wise, and because it has continued on and on, it has now manifested as physical lower back pain on your right side... 

When you are describing what is going on in your life, I take notes on what you say and how you say it so that I can use your words when we do the tapping process.  So, let's say that you say something like, "Joe is such a lazy bum - he frustrates me to no end!"  I will use your own words later so that you really can feel the negative feeling about it, and so we can relieve it.

After talking to you for a few minutes about the situation, we will be ready to start.  The first thing I would do is to ask you how frustrating is it for you to have Joe not pulling his own weight, on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the most frustration you could feel.  Let's say that you say it is a 7.  (Notice that I didn't ask you how painful your back is - I'm asking how painful is the frustration you're feeling.  When we get you down to a 0 level of frustration, and if there are no other contributing factors (aspects), more than likely, your back will suddenly be pain free!)

The first part of the process is called the setup phase.  Think of the setup phase as the first step in order to get your subconscious and your conscious mind in agreement.  A good example of why we need to do this is for a smoker.  Typically, a smoker's conscious mind knows that quitting is a good idea, but the subconscious mind may not want to at all!  Your subconscious mind will fight for it's right to smoke.  The subconscious mind will sabotage the results if it doesn't agree.  So, this is why we do the setup phase.

To do this, I would have you tap on your karate chop point.  This is the side of your hand on the fleshy spot between your pinky knuckle and the outside of the wrist.  It's the spot that you would karate chop someone, so I hope that explains it!  I usually use all four fingers of one hand to tap on it.  You could use just a couple - whatever feels most comfortable to you is fine.

The format for the setup phase is this: "Even though I have (this problem), I deeply and completely accept myself." 

In our case, I would have you say, "Even though Joe is a lazy bum and he frustrates me to no end, I deeply and completely accept myself."

I would have you repeat this statement three times, all the while having you tap on your karate chop point.  Usually I change up the wording some but we're keeping it simple here.  After doing this for three times, I would then have you tap on the different energy meridian end points on your body, while saying key phrases in order to keep the negative thought in your mind.  Please note that you can tap on either side of the body, or intermix them - whatever feels best to you.

So, here is how it would work:

Tap on your inner eyebrow (almost the center where your eyebrows are, but just on the edge of one or the other - again, I can email you a diagram if you need it), and say, "Joe is not supporting me".

Next, tap on the side of your eye (your temple) and say, "Joe isn't pulling his weight".

Next, tap underneath your eye and say, "this frustrating feeling"

Next, tap under your nose and say, "I'm not feeling supported".

Next, tap on your chin and say, "This money stress"

Next, tap on your collar bone and say, "When Joe lays on the couch"

Next, tap underneath your arm  "how dare he drink beer and watch TV while I'm busting my butt!"

Next, tap on the top of your head and say, "All of this frustration."

Then, I'd ask you to take a deep breath, and hold it for about a count of three - and then release it slowly.  Try to envision all of that frustration leaving your body as you exhale.  Breathing deeply is a great way to relieve stress.

Next, I will ask you if the frustration level has gone down any.  Typically, you would say yes - that it's better, and about a 4 out of 10 now..

In my next post, I will show you how to do the reminder phrasing, and how to add positive affirmations into the mix so that you can get complete back pain relief, and even feel a lot better about Joe!  You see, Joe's drinking is because he's depressed about not being able to find work, and what he really needs and wants is your compassion and understanding and support so that he can find a job.  Neither of you are feeling it!  But we'll get to that point later.  The point is, you can use this technique, not just go get over your pain, but to also improve how you communicate with your loved ones, and see them as wonderful and worthy beings.  It may be hard to do as Joe sits on your couch, slouched over his beer, watching Monday night football, but in reality, he's not enjoying life either!  I know this sounds strange, but if you start to look at Joe in a better light, then he will magically start to become how you see him.  This is part of the technique that I add into the mix so that not only will you get over your back pain, but also, everything and everyone around you will seem to magically start to support you - everything will become a cooperative component in your life.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Stay tuned for the next post on the reminder phrasing, adding positive affirmations to the wording, adding law of attraction concepts, and intention.  Joe will magically get off his butt and get a job! 


Do you suffer from emotional or physical pain?  Are you stressed out at work, in your relationships, or with regard to money?  Or do you feel like there is a cloud hovering over you that keeps you from being truly happy and successful in life?  Do you have a broken heart that seems to linger on and on that doesn't get better?  Or do you have chronic pain that just won't go away no matter what you do? 

Most of us have had some of these symptoms at some point in our lives - there's a name for it -  it's called, LIFE!  Doctors know that stress can cause physical problems, but even more serious are negative beliefs about yourself that you just can't shake. 

The problem is that more than likely, you have had something happen to you when you were a child that made you feel bad - made you feel less than, or not good enough.  Childhood memories can reek havoc on your life as an adult, and if you allow those painful childhood memories to fester, they will continue to cause trouble.  These memories can make you feel like you aren't good enough no matter what you do or accomplish.  This "not good enough"  feeling could have come from your parents, your teachers, your siblings, your friends, and/or others. 

So, what can you do about it besides having a lobotomy?   Well, you know that you can't do brain surgery just to stop a broken heart, but wouldn't  it be nice if you could simply remove that feeling, that hurt, sad, or painful feeling from your mind and body?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could get that type of relief instantly?

Well, one very powerful solution is what I call Mind Surgery via Intentional Tapping.  Simply stated, Mind Surgery is about cutting out negative thoughts and beliefs from your mind.  Mind Surgery is the process of removing the charge of negative thoughts and beliefs from the mind and the bodies energy system in order to allow the mind/body to heal itself, both emotionally and physically.   I developed my technique from the more common technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques.  The difference is that I integrate the Law of Attraction into my practice, and use positive affirmations and intentions in order to ensure that the vacuum of a negative thought or belief is filled with a positive thought or belief.  This may sound like a mouthful, but I promise to explain this in more detail in posts to come. 

I use this term Mind Surgery because it paints a fairly clear picture as to what it is that I do.  When I work with clients who are suffering from stress, anxiety, or any type of physical pain, I know that the real root cause of the problem is emotional.  I almost feel like a surgeon - I have to dig into the depths of a persons mind to find the negatively charged memory that needs to be discharged, and then I "cut it out" or discharge it using a tapping technique - if you were to work with me, I would have you tap on energy meridian end points on your body in order to neutralize the charge of the negative thought.  Then I would have you continue to tap while I fed you  positive affirmations, thoughts, and new beliefs. 

I will explain the Intentional Tapping process in greater detail in posts to come.  I truly believe that for many things, Intentional Tapping is the best healing modality that there is.  I have had amazing success with it, and I can prove it.  I have many testimonials, and a video on YouTube where this technique helped a lady get over her heartache and shoulder pain in one quick session.   I have also helped a marathon runner, a high pressured business owner, and even an ICU doctor who thought that her chronic stress was permanent.  She felt so good and relaxed after our session that she was worried that she was going to fall asleep driving home!

This technique is easy to learn, and I will begin posting on how to do it so that you can do it from home.  The reason why I'm giving this information away for free is because it always works better with a practitioner.  You can get a lot of benefit from the technique by doing it yourself, but if you work with me, your results will be better.  Also, if it is a deep rooted issue, more than likely I would be able to relieve it even though you couldn't.  It's hard to see our own problems and issues sometimes, and I usually pick up on small things that you might say that are huge opportunities for relief. 

The good news is that this technique is highly effective, and usually it's permanent.  The even better news is that for most of us, if we just get rid of our negative beliefs about ourselves, then we can truly live a life of joy, happiness, and freedom. With this amazing self-help tool called Intentional Tapping, you can remove those negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself that are holding you back.  The key is to remove that negative belief thing that is stopping us, rather than feeling that we have to do or become more than we already are.  You are enough.  You are good enough.  You are worthy.  You were born worthy, powerful, and creative.  All you need to do is to stop doing that thing you do that is stopping yourself from living a happier, healthier, and more productive life.  All you need to do is to stop the self-sabotage, and then everything in your life will start to improve.  

So, with Mind Surgery via Intentional Tapping, not only can you remove stress, anxiety, emotional and physical pain, but also you can use this technique in order to improve your self esteem and confidence.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but just try it out for yourself and see if it works. 

So if you think that this could benefit you, please give me a call and let's rid your mind and body of negativity so that you too can be pain free, and feel better.  As an introductory offer, I have lowered my price to only a buck a minute. 

More details are to come on how to do it...  Stay tuned! 

To your health, and with warm regards,

Coach Steve

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Coach Steve