Are you wondering what is going wrong in your relationships? Have you started off great and then it "fizzles" out? Can't seem to find that special someone? Tired of the games people play?
My earlier Post on Documentation was written back in April 2017. I received so many questions from callers, I thought it was time for a follow-up. If you have not read my first post, please do so now. Leave a comment and send me an email for 5 free minutes.

This question from my callers has been presented to me many times, therefore I thought I would write on this issue today.

HOW TO DOCUMENT A VERBAL CONVERSATION: This can be a very touchy matter and must be handled carefully. So often a comment or direction may be given to you by your Manager and you have no "proof" to protect your self if something went wrong.

For example; A client of mine needed to leave work early and was given permission to do so by her Supervisor. When she returned to work she was questioned by the CEO as to why she left early. She explained she had informed her supervisor of her situation and was given permission to leave early several days in advance. Well, her Supervisor denied this, claiming she never gave her permission to leave early. My client had nothing in writing to defend herself. This conversation was all verbal.

Now, although I teach in great detail to document, there are times where verbal situations occur and we still need to document, especially when we have a superior with "selected memory" as was the problem in my client's case. So let us take a look at some ways this situation could have been handled to protect one's self;

1. She could have sent a quick email reminder to her supervisor that morning.

2. Following her receiving permission to leave early, she could have sent a brief "thank you" note.

3. She could have sent an email stating the time she would be leaving along with how she was going to make up her time

4. She could send an email pertaining to another subject with a quick note at the end of her leaving early.

This is a way to cover your back when you feel you have a discord of some nature with your superior, otherwise a lack of trust.

Could you imagine how powerful my client would have felt if she presented her email reminding her supervisor she was leaving in front of the CEO. She would have shown who was telling the truth and how she did have permission. Now, remember all situations are different. This method may not work for everyone. But you can always find a way to protect yourself in the workplace. If you can not feel like you can protect yourself, send me an email for free minutes and we will find a way together.

Have a Happy Work Day.


I have been on Ingenio ever since 2003. Over the years I have spoken with people from all over the globe, both national and international. People from all walks of life. People who are both young and old, rich and not so rich, white collar, blue collar, and everything in between. Gay people, Straight people, Bi-Sexual and Transgender, male, female, married, single and all that you can imagine. I have met some of the most wonderful people while working here, intelligent, compassionate, amazing people. One thing all my callers have in common is; Social Media! Dating sites, Facebook, and so many other sites people connect and make new friends. These friendships can develop over time to a point of a real attraction. People move from chat rooms to texting and sometimes actual phone calls, talking live for hours. We develop a trust with our new friend and share intimate details of our life. We can grow so close that we no longer look for a person to date, we fall in love with our special friend and plan to meet in the future. Although, for one reason or another we never skype. You never get to SEE who you are falling for, for one reason or another they won't show there face.....only pictures. This is a sign of a CATFISH. Both male and females catfish online and no one is beyond being fooled. Why do people do this? I have known many reasons from emotional need, attention, and at times a form of stalking. Yes, your new friend could be an old flame or a person who is an obsessive secret admire. I have even heard of Black Mail. They know too much about you, your wife, husband, partner, friends, and sometimes hold pictures of your body. You been Catfished and now holding deep emotions for a picture of a person who really doesn't exist. can be dangerous for both parties involved. When meeting strangers on social media, don't just believe a picture. You must see the person before you believe in them. Even those long distance relationships can be a Catfish and I have heard of several of those. Never give too much of yourself to a stranger. And never, never give money to anyone, no matter how desperate they sound. Remember.....we can all get hooked by a Catfish.
Yes, I am writing about Christmas when many have not even thought much about the holidays while still in September. But as a single mother, I have learned over the years how to have a wonderful, amazing Christmas by planning in advance. This is the best time to shop for gifts on a very limited income. If you have young children waiting for Santa when Christmas arrives, you can begin now and have many wrapped gifts under the tree. Mom and dad, it's all about timing! One example; If you have children between 4 & 8 yrs old. You will find all the left over school supplies in the clearance isle of most stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Dollar stores. Crayons are now marked down to 0.25 , I just purchased 4 boxes this weekend. A box of crayons wrapped with a small pretty bow under the tree makes a nice gift for a child. You can also find colored pencils and other items all for just one quarter. Include a 0.50 coloring book from the dollar store ,wrapped separately under the tree just gave your child 2 gifts to open for less then 1.00. Include some other items like a pencil box, markers, paper,etc. and you can come up with 4-5 gits under the tree for less then $2.00. This of course is not the big item gifts children look for on Christmas, they will come later. When any child wakes up in the morning and see's a pile of gifts under the that's fun. It is not always about the gift but it is also about having several pretty packages with your child's name on it under the Christmas tree. Socks are also priced lower this time of year. One package of 6 pair of socks cost around $3.98 a pack. Open the pack and wrap 3 pair in two pretty packages and you just placed 2 more gifts under your tree. Your child now has 6 or so packages to open on Christmas morning and lets face it......6 packages under the tree is a nice little bundle for less then $7.00. If you need to learn how to shop on a small budget for your family, just send me an email for free minutes. I can help you with toys, clothes, and teen and adult gifts as well. I can save you hundreds of dollars just by learning when and how to shop. Happy Shopping! Diane
I receive many calls from those in Management as well as CEO's of companies sharing concerns over employee/employer relationships. I have also heard many stories of "bullies" in the work place and the fear of those being bullied. The on going problem and advice I give.....YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO DOCUMENT! Now this may seem like a easy is not! You need the correct training to prove your case and win. My callers have sent me emails with messages they have received in the work place and yet they were unsure how to respond. If you don't respond correctly you could be unemployed. Documentation needs to begin as soon as you see a problem. Keeping copies of notes, emails, etc. is a must for both employee and those in management. If you are having trouble with an employee or an employer....give me a call and lets begin to document. Blessings Diane National Consultant ext. 0127
I spent much time over the holiday season working with relationship issues among other things. I had several people share with me ,what they were giving there partner for Christmas. Come to find, they did not get much in return. This did not surprise me as I knew they were involved with a "taker". Givers seem to attract takers. Not to say they are greedy, or gold diggers, a taker is just not considerate of other people. They may not return a phone call, text message or call just to say "hello" unless they gain something from it. If you arrive at there house, they may not offer you something to drink. Although, if you ask for something they have no problem giving, but you have to ask.....these are the takers. The thought of sharing or consideration for others, just don't enter a takers mind. They will take from you on every level you are willing to give, they also are great at taking your time. When a taker needs you they expect you to be available. When you need something, they are often too busy at the moment. they have many excuses why they can not make time for you. A taker is not considerate of your feelings or needs, life seems to be all about them. This is not the case with a giver. A giver often will try to be available for you. When you enter a givers home, not only are you offered a drink but a meal if you are get my point! If you are dating a "taker" be prepared for a selfish relationship. Set limits and do not give too much. Be ready to ask for what you need and stress consideration. If this don't may be time to move on.
Don't let it go just yet. I have been a relationship healer for many years and have worked with people from all over the globe. I do not believe in letting go of the one you love until you have done everything you can to bring healing to your relationship. do have the power to heal your relationship, if you know the correct way of using your power. You must remember, He/She was in love with you once, you were the person they chosen. So what went wrong? Most relationships seem to fail over the "little things" not the major ones that most people believe. I hear things such as; He never listens to me, She won't stop nagging me, Why can't he just call/text if he's going to be late, Why do I need to tell her everything I am doing, and the list goes on. You can fill in the blank with your own issues________. Of course these things are not so "little" when they cause so much anger,grief and pain. But they slowly cause our emotions to change. Our love for each other begins to become less important then the issues we face as a couple. We focus more on the problems and negatives then we do on all the blessings and positives. Remember, The grass is not always greener on the other side. Begin to focus on the positive. Can you both work on repairing the negative? Talk it out and don't give up, some things just take work and time. I am here to help if you need me.

Have you ever dated someone and right from the start you knew "This Is The One"?

You had a connection like you never felt with anyone else.

You enjoyed the same entertainment, music, traveling, and even food. Not only dining out, but you enjoyed cooking together and dining at home.

 You had so much in common, not to mention the passion..... it was like fireworks. You were for sure, you were "SOUL MATES".

Then it seemed to take a turn and things died down. You could not imagine... what went wrong. You tried your best to fix it, but nothing seemed to work. You tried to communicate, but it did not help.

The passion was over and this great connection was gone.

Once again, another relationship failed. Once again, you are left wondering why? Where did it go wrong?

If this sounds like you, then it is time to seek an outside opinion. You may not need counseling, but you may need someone who can be objective and honest with you. Someone with training, knowledge, and experience in the field of relationships.

Maybe just a closer look at relationships in general to gain a better understanding of what you are looking for in a partner, and how to read the "RED FLAGS" when they pop up.

My callers, not only receive someone who can listen, but they also receive a new education into the world of dating, marriage and relationships.

The study of "Human Behavior" is a specialty field and I am the one who can teach you.

Send me an email for free minutes and lets get started.

Don't let another relationship fail!


Diane National Consultant

Today we are  hearing of many companies closing down, laying off, and eliminating various positions inside the company.

We have many people who have been gainfully employed for years, now on the unemployment lines. So many families struggling to pay the morgage, some losing homes, cars, etc. and have very little in savings.

People say "Well, I searched on the internet, filled out many applications and sent in my resume, but nothing yet.  I am still without work. What else can I do?"

You can do more!

 Let me give you a few tips I have learned over the years while helping people find employment.

First,consider where you would like to work and call the HR Director. Be polite and state "Hello Mr/Mrs ? my name is ___________. I understand you may have a position available in your__________(book keeping, filing, IT, etc. dept.) can you please tell me if this is ture?

Often times, they may say "No, but we are looking for someone in our________dept." This will give you some insight to where they are hiring in house, which may not have reached the public yet. If interrestd apply, if not, ask if they would mind you calling from time to time to check on upcoming positions. Some HR Directors won't mind a call now and then, others will direct you's worth a shot!

Remember.....they could be planning on letting someone go, or an employee is soon retiring. They will be searching for a replacement and you just may be the perfect fit.

Depending on the position you are searching for, you may need to be a bit more creative. I can help you come up with a plan for your type of work.

Send me an email and I can send some free minutes to help you. Just don't give up.




Today, I was reading on the net about a son who was beaten to death in the name of religion by his own parents and church members. It was very upsetting. It's easy to say "these parents are crazy" but often times this is not the case. It is a religious cult at work, and some don't see it as such.....until it's too late.

As a top advisor here on Ingenio, I have received many questions about God, Religion and cult activity. Most people are not even aware that some churchs or religions are not true followers of the bible as they confess, but many times are practicing cult activities under the falsehood of christianity. These activities are not Christian or biblical by any means but are taken from the bible and twisted to serve man not God. We have seen a great deal of this on TV, but there is a whole lot more that is never seen or heard about in some churchs.

As a bible believing Christian, I offer help in these areas.  If you are wondering about a certain scripture, have questions about a teaching in your church, or your wondering about a friend or family member involved in cult activities, I am here to help and I do not judge.

Send me a email and I will respond.

Many Blessings



Most often, people call my line with concerns over a relationship. It can be a family member, friend or a spouse or lover, but they need help with a relationship problem and more then help ....they need the TRUTH.

It is hard to find the truth. As we all know, friends and family may not want to tell you what they think so not to hurt your feelings. Even some Counselors and Advisors may not be fully honest with you, they also don't want to hurt your feelings or even more so, lose a customer. We even see this at times here on Ingenio.

I myself have seen relationships that were strong and positive fail due to a mistake or poor advice a person received. This is so hurtful and easily avoidable if the person was able to gain the truth. Of course, some people choose to remain in denile, those are the people who do not like hearing the truth. These people make the same mistakes over and over again.

But for most of us, we seek the truth and try our best to save or heal our relationship issues.

If a person is having trouble with relationships, they must be willing to hear the truth and correct the problem at hand.  If this is you, send me an email for free minutes and lets get started on healing your relationship.





I have been a top advisor here on Ingenio for many years.

 During this time and much more recently, callers have been telling me how they believe a partner has various mental health disorders (bipolar, narcissism, etc.) due to being informed of such by others.

Many callers believe that this is the reason for discord in the relationship or why it may have ended. Believing this falsehood may help a caller to justify a broken heart, but it is not the truth.

No matter how detailed you are when sharing your relationship issues, a true diagnosis can not be given to you concerning a partner by any advisor. Much work, and at times testing needs to be completed prior to a diagnosis, like with any illness. No one can diagnose a condition if they never seen the individual in person.

Not only is it unethical for any professional to give a diagnosis of your partner over the phone, it could also cause very serious consequences for the one giving this false information to you. Don't be fooled!

Please.....use common sense when looking for answers to your relationship concerns.

Seek after the truth, try to understand what went wrong. You will be much happier in the long run, and maybe even find healing for your  troubled relationship.


Diane - National Consultant ext.0127


Sometimes, we have a question roaming around in our head ,and no one who we can turn to for help.

For the rest of this week, I am offering free advice by email. I will do my best to help with any question you may have.  If it seems too complicated to address by email, I will send you free minutes to call me.

This is my gift to you.

Many Blessings


In my past many years of coaching, I have been asked many times "Why is my business failing"? After reviewing business plans, financial documents, goals and objectives and other areas that may be of concern, I often find no major problem with the companies overall plans.

What I do often find is a lack of listening skills, communication, motorvation of in house employee's and most of all a lack of trained management. Although, management may come highly trained in certain job skills, they do not have the people skills needed to manage other employees. This lack of skill can and will cause damage in any company both big or small. The end result.....lack of profit and revenue.

Employees are an assit to any company. They are the people who will cause your company to grow. They are also the people who if not properly managed, will soon burn out emotionally. 

If your employees are unhappy, if you are receiving complaints, pay close attention to your management. Be sure they have the "people skills" needed for the role they have been given by your company.

If you are an employee and having trouble with your managers, please leave a commnet here and share your story.

You can also request free minutes from me if you need my help.



Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to bring you up to date on the many Blogs I have written concerning Relationships.

Please look at my blogs and see the help you can recive just by reading them.

He Loves Me but......He's married.

How to deal with a broken heart.

The power of a women.

And several more, that can bring some insight to issues you may be dealing with.

If you would like to speak with me live, just send an email for free minutes.




We can all relate to the pain of a broken heart , we have all been hurt at one time or another. But how we deal with this pain varies from person to person, the method to heal is not the same for everyone.  Some people can move forward quickly, others need more time to heal.

No relationship is the same, and therefore must be treated based on the individuals situation,thoughts and feelings.

If you are seeking help with your broken heart, be sure to seek someone who can view you as an individual and not give you "cookie cutter" advice.  There is no quick fix to a broken heart. Healing takes work and time.

Seek the help you need to find what will work for you.


Diane-National Advisor

1-888-Ingenio Ext. 0127

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