Speak the Blessing

"Don't give up on your dream and remember to believe in forever."
When you're trying to "lose weight" you plan on doing just that don't you? Losing pounds, watching the scale go down; but many times we get frustrated checking the scale every morning. You've been eating right, working out regularly, but the scale doesn't go down-- and at your dismay, it goes UP! How is this possible and what does it mean when you are doing everything you can to achieve a certain result and manage to get the complete opposite?

In order to understand this phenomenon, we must look at how our bodies grow. When you are eating right and working out, your body composition begins to change on the inside-- your organs begin to flush out the contaminants left behind from an unhealthy lifestyle. AND, if you are working out your muscles properly they do something very important: they grow. Your muscles can grow so much so, that in fact, you begin to gain mass;  your muscles get bigger, you get stronger and you gain more energy and stamina.

Where many of us get discouraged is when the perceived result doesn't match the real life representation of our work. This is when you have to rely on your eyes (and many times the eyes of others) to realize that although you may not be seeing the scale go down-- your actual body measurements ARE. And that is also a sure sign of growth and change.

Just as our bodies change when we apply pressure on them-- so will your spirit and more specifically, your soul. We are constantly evolving and changing every day. Remind yourself not to focus on one specific attribute of change, but rather the whole picture of what change really looks like.

Look at a picture of you from when you were in middle school and compare it to one today. A lot has changed right?

And just think-- that's only what has happened on the outside.

Many blessings to you and your loved ones,



I hope you are reading this at the right time.

Timing. Why is it so important?

Because who you were yesterday is not who you are today and who you are today won't be who you are tomorrow. Because we are growing, we are evolving, every day, several times throughout the day. We are forever changing.

And this is why relationships are so hard.

You're constantly having to fall in love with a new person each and every day. This takes a wisdom that is built upon for many years before it can be realized, trusted, and accepted as a part of love.


Be blessed and love each other as you breathe, easy and free.