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Internet: Zero-in on a Moving Target

I have just created a very cool Multi-file upload project - if you have the need to have people upload stuff to your web site you should check out my demo -

This is a very cool solution to the problem of uploading more than 1 file at a time.


The Google Search Arena - Being number one on Google
Google the massive search company has impacted even our language with their name 'Google' now becoming a verb as in 'Let's google that company's stock and see how they are doing', billions of pages of web sites have been indexed by Google, yours too! But only a relative handful can ever rank in the top 10 for any keyword search on Google.  Where does your company web site rank?
What you should expect: When you google up your company name, address, or phone number you should come up number one on Google, there are cases where some other listing may erroneously come up ahead of you, but really they shouldn't, after all your company name, address and phone number should be unique to your company.
So the whole idea is getting your web site found! So people who know your company will have no trouble finding you if they know your company name, address, or phone. But what about those potential customers who may want what you have to sell but don't know your name? That's the real test of your Internet-find-ablity.
What would someone looking for your service or product type into google to locate a company web site like yours? Try it now, where do you show up? Are you even in the top 100?
When you google on key words that describe your product or service no matter where you come up, or don't come up, you should take note of the Results count in the blue info bar that Google displays with your search it will read something like: Results 1 - 10 of about 1,210,000,000 This tells that there are over a billion web pages competing for the same keyword combination! in this case I used 'web design' this is a very popular keyword. How popular are the key words that you are competing for in the google search arena?