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The Shortcut URL To This Section Is: A grumpyRN:"I am a middle aged Nurse Practitioner who has worked in the NHS for over a quarter of a century. If you think you recognise anyone in the posts - you dont, no, really, you dont. All names have been changed to protect the guilty as God is expected to take care of the innocent as a matter of course. I have no wish to be sacked for breaking patient confidentiality. Any opinions expressed here are completely my own and bear no resemblance to NHS policy or procedures and in some cases they will bear no resemblance to sanity." ****************************************************** DukeNP99, Jan DeBell Daniel:"I am a self-employed Family Nurse Practitioner. I own Stokesdale Family Care which is a health clinic that provides care to all ages. I am divorced and have 4 children, ages 23, 21, 16 and 14. I have a great friend, Mickey, who is my number one fan, cheerleader, supporter and advocate." Blogger: Facebook: ******************************************************, The Life & Times of an ER Nurse:"My name is Kim McAllister, and I'm a registered nurse in the San Francisco Bay area. I graduated in 1978 with my ADN and have been a nurse for 32 years.; I graduated in 1978 with my ADN. My experience is predominately Emergency and Critical Care, but I also worked in Psychiatry and did pediatric telephone triage. I made the decision to be a nurse back in 1966 at the age of nine." [email protected] Twitter: California Nurses, Emergency Department, **************************************************** madness: tales of an emergency room nurse:"This is tricky. The doctor was very uncertain about whether he could do this, never having done it before. There was a tension in the ER prior to procedure that was palpable. We all held our breath as he entered the room, alligator forceps in hand and performed a QTIPectomy. Yes someone got a qtip stuck in their ear and came to the ER to have it removed. Not only did they come to the ER, but they called 911 to bring them to the ER." **************************************************** Nurse Practitioner Bloggers:"Bloggers with an occupation of Family Nurse Practitioner." ****************************************************** Nurse Practitioner Business Owners blog, Barbara C. Phillips, MN, NP:"Nurse Practitioner Business Owners blog (NPBusiness.ORG) is an idea that was born out the need and frustration for Nurse Practitioners in private, independent practice to be able to connect, share resources, offer support, and learn from one another. It goes beyond that day to day support we give and receive from one another around our professional practice…this goes into the business of being a NP. NPs who have their own practices are breaking the mold for NPs in general as most are still in employed situations (out of preference or necessity). There are also NPs who have broken the "private practice mold" and are working in and outside areas of health care that are new and exciting. NPs have businesses in the educational field, legal field, insurance field, anti-aging field, retail and more." NP Choice, LLC 1018 E. Wishkah, #216 Aberdeen, WA 98520 PHONE: 1-800-560-6473 ****************************************************** Nurse Ratched's Place:"There has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about medical bloggers and HIPAA regulations so let me make this very clear: I write composite stories about many different people that I've cared for over the years." ****************************************************** NursesPTO:"All of us need more time in our lives, but pesky things like working can get in the way. NursesPTO was started to give nurses as well as any other interested people a chance to explore new avenues for income to give you back time for family, hobbies and even mindless TV. We can be silly and irreverent, but have all experienced new career paths which have lead to financial freedom. Join us on this journey and give us your input!" Nursing Blogs, Nurse Bloggers, ****************************************************** Nursing Endeavors!:"Here we will share our day to day endeavors starting from the four corners of our home up to our encounters in the hospital as a nurse; and tasks in the Internet as a full time freelancer. Life has lots of challenges and trials. We must be strong and go with the flow. So take time and read through our endeavors in nursing, in our lives, and in the world of Internet freelancing." Nursing Blogs, Nurse Bloggers, ****************************************************** The Nurse Practitioner's Place:"A nurse practitioner blog/website. Information relevant to nurse practitioner practice. Links to other nurse practitioner, nurse, and medical professional sites." 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