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November 2011 - Posts

Online Health Expert presents Free Video Links to Learn, Review, Update and Master Clinical Skills for Medical and Nursing Students, Residents, Physicians and Surgeons, PAs, RNs, CRNPs, Physical Therapists and anyone interested in learning the art and Read More
Dear Online Health Expert Reader, Welcome to the my revolutionary "MOVE MOVEMENT". This movement is a revolutionary new idea that will change the way you look at yourself and disease. This is a global movement that is custom designed for you to Read More
An age old saying about eating your food slower and chewing 32 times to attain and maintain healthy weight was recently shown to be correct. More studies are needed to show how it will impact diabetics and people diagnosed with borderline diabetes. Read More
Scientists are learning more about how the skin cells respond to and protect themselves against the Sun's UV (Ultraviolet) radiation. This will shed more light on the prevention of and management of Skin cancer in the future. In a recent study done Read More
NOTE: Healthcare is a rapidly evolving field and Caution is advised in the use of Symptoms Checkers. These Online Symptoms Checkers are not designed for Self diagnosis or to replace the need for Medical Advice. Doing so can result in Serious Injury Read More