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August 2007 - Posts

In Beyond the Secret I challenge the assumption often put forward in Law of Attraction books that we only get disease due to our negative thoughts and feelings.  I share in my book how there are many reasons we may get a disease, how disease can Read More
I’m so excited about my new book cover, which was a collaborative effort with my publisher Hampton Roads.  On the cover of my boo the red seal on The Secret book cover has broken open and what has been revealed is not the secret of the law Read More
Is Your Fear of Relating Stopping You? It's a strange, but increasingly common, phenomena happening with both married and single people.  It's called "commitment-phobia" and it can ruin even the best of relationships.  What causes it?  Read More
The true “secret” to the Law of Attractionis knowing what Spirit wants for you! Introducing BEYOND “THE SECRET” Learn the Ten Step Process that helps you attract whatSpirit most wants for you to have in life. Discover how to attract the spiritual Read More